Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) Act

Labour welfare refers to all the facilities for labourers to improve their working conditions, provide social security, and raise their standard of living. Several state legislatures have enacted an Act exclusively focusing on the welfare of the workers, known as the Labour Welfare Fund Act. We tell you all about it here!

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What is Labour Welfare Fund?

Labour Welfare Fund is a fund contributed by Employer, Employee and in some states by the Government as well. The purpose of these welfare funds is to provide housing, medical care, educational, and recreational facilities to the workers and their dependents.

Distinct Labour Welfare Fund Act and Labour Welfare Fund Rule are framed for different states & Union Territories. Click on a state below for more details.

How Does Labour Welfare Fund Help Workers?

The Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) is managed by the Labour Board which provides a number of welfare schemes for workers. The schemes provide support in three broad areas as follows.

Improving Standard of Living

  • Providing nutritious food, educational facilities, and scholarships to the children of employees
  • medical facilities to the private and public sector workers and their families
  • housing facilities at concessional schemes and rates

Offering Better Work Conditions

Furnishing facilities for workers and employees such as commuting to work (transport), reading rooms, libraries, vocational training programs, excursions and tours, recreational facilities at the workplace, etc.

Providing Social Security

Arranging medical treatments, schemes for certain industries and subsidiary occupations for women, unemployed persons, etc.

The amount of fund, rate, and periodicity of contribution is decided by the respective State Labour Welfare Board. The contribution may be made every month or once in six months (half-yearly) or once in a year (annually) as per the prescribed quantum and remitted to appropriate Labor Welfare Fund Board in prescribed Form before the due date specified under the Act.

Currently, this Act is enacted and applicable in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telangana & West Bengal.

Labour Welfare Fund Benefits For Employers

  • Refined Industrial Relations
  • Improvement in work efficiency
  • Elevated Morale
  • Improved Mental and Moral Health
  • Better Outlook of Employers
  • Social Benefits


Goa Labour Welfare Fund (Amendment) Act, 2022

23 Jul, 2022
The Goa Labour Department has published the amendment in Goa Welfare Fund (Amendment) Act, 2022 to further amend the Goa Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1986. This amendment has been introduced with respect to the penalties for compounding of the offences.
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Haryana Labour Welfare Fund Amendment

27 Jun, 2023
The Labour Welfare Fund Board of Haryana has published a circular amending section 9A as each employee shall contribute to the fund every month an amount equal to 0.2% of his salary or wages or any remunerations subject to limit of rupees 31 and each employer in respect of each such employee shall contribute to the fund every month, twice the amount contributed by such employee, provided that the limit specified above shall be inducted annually to the consumer price index bringing from first of January each year.

Amendment to Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Fund Rules, 1988

04 May, 2023
The Government of Andhra Pradesh has published the notification amending the penal provisions including addition of procedures on appointment of authorities and appeal for fines.

Karnataka LWF deposit - extension of timeline

16 Jan, 2023
The Karnataka Government has extended the time line to deposit the Labour Welfare Fund contributions from 15 Jan to 31 January 2023.

Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund Circular

02 Jan, 2023
The Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Board has released its circular annexing the Notification for revised contribution of LWF.

Press Release on Karnataka LWF contribution

12 Dec, 2022
The Karnataka Labour Welfare Board has released a press release reiterating the mandatory compliance of Labour Welfare Fund contribution that are to be paid by employers online for the year 2022, on or before 15 January 2023.

Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund (Amendment) Act

02 Dec, 2022
The Government of Tamil Nadu has amendmed the labour welfare fund contribution in which, under Rule 11-A, wherever the expression states Rupees Ten it has to be substituted as Rupees Twenty for the employees and wherever the expression states Rupees Twenty it has to be substituted as Rupees Forty for the employers, towards the contribution.

Online Payment due date extended for Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Contribution

18 Jul, 2022
The Maharashtra Labour Welfare board has notified that for convenience to all establishments, the last date of accepting online Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Contribution has been extended till 31 July 2022.

Online services by Delhi Labour Welfare Board

01 Jul, 2022
Delhi Labour Welfare Board has notified that the following services are available in their Website with immediate effect.

Karnataka Labour Welfare Fund contribution due date extension

14 Jan, 2022
The Labour Welfare Board of Karnataka has extended the last date of labour welfare fund remittance to 31 Jan 2022.

Notice For Payment Of Labour Welfare Fund In Tamil Nadu

07 Jan, 2022
The Tamil Nadu Government has notified employees contribution towards labour welfare fund @ Rs.10/- for employees and Rs.20/- for employers and contribution shall be paid along with Form A for the year 2021 on or before 31st January 2022. This is subject to the G.O if any as issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu regarding enhanced rate of welfare fund contribution and the date of implementation.

Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund (Amendment) Act, 2021

01 Oct, 2021
The Tamil Nadu Government has notified the amendment to the labour welfare fund contribution effective from 01 October 2021.

Draft Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund (Amendment) Act, 2021

06 Sep, 2021
The Tamil Nadu Labour Department has tabled a Bill for Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund (Amendment) Act, 2021 to further amend the Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1972. It shall come into force on such date as the State Government may, by notifi cation, appoint.

Labour Welfare Fund (Gujarat) (Amendment) Rules,2021

11 Aug, 2021
The Labour Department of Gujarat has notified the amendments in the Labour Welfare Fund (Gujarat) Rules, 1962. The Amendment removes the provisions of Section 3-AA (1)(a) and Form 'A' in the Appendix from the Rules.

Haryana Government provides financial schemes to support dependents of deceased

15 Jun, 2021
The Government of Haryana has recommended the establishments in Gurugram to utilize the financial schemes that are available under the Labour Welfare Funds and Mukhya Mantri Shramik Suraksha Yojna for supporting the dependants of the deceased and to manage the funeral expenses.

Punjab introduces online payment mode to remit Labour Welfare Fund contribution

05 Apr, 2021
Every employer should pay the Labour Welfare Fund contribution for both the employer and employee before 31st December of every year through online mode in favour of Welfare Commissioner.
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