Leave Management

Just leave it to greytHR

Streamlining employee leave management gives you a golden opportunity to tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke. It eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups, saving time and transaction costs.

When your company’s leave policy is enforced consistently, it improves transparency & employee satisfaction. greytHR leave management software automates everything from leave accounting, grants, to period closing activities.

Leave Management System

Fully customizable leave policies

Create multiple leave types

Create any number of leave types and define leave policies for each type exclusively: earned leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc.

Customize configure leave policies

Allows you to configure various types of leave policies like leave granting, leave availing restrictions, week end policies, leave pro rating, leave year end processing etc.

Access library of standard policies

Choose a policy from our library of standard leave policies, in case you don’t have a leave policy in place.

Leave Tracker

Holiday lists

Holiday lists

Create your own holiday list. You can also import your own holiday list from Excel.

Create regional or location-based lists

You can create different holiday lists for different locations, if your organization is geographically distributed across states or countries.

Add Restricted Holidays

You can also select and add Restricted Holidays (optional holidays) and set rules for these holidays according to your leave policy.

Publish company’s holiday list

Easily prepare and publish the company's holiday list, including both general and restricted holidays.

Online Leave Management System

Minimal leave-related tasks and queries

Grant leaves automatically

Grant leaves for eligible employees automatically on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. greytHR brings you a powerful online leave management system that encompasses all leave-related concerns and queries. All leave transactions of an employee are tracked and leave balances, automatically updated.

Let employees and managers handle leave requests

Our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal completely shifts the responsibility of applying for leave, its approval and rejection and comp-off granting to employees and their managers, respectively.

Focus more on strategic HR tasks

    Our ESS enables you to focus on more important strategic HR tasks while it takes care of:
  • Online leave application, tracking and approval between employees and their managers with near-zero HR intervention
  • Automatic tracking and updating of leave balances of all employees

Access leave reports

Access and view built-in standard and statutory leave reports, such as Leave Availed Report, Negative Leave Balance Report, Leave Encashment Report, etc., from the Leave Reports Gallery.

Leave Year-End Processing

Leave year-end processing

Leave year-end processing need not mean extra work anymore.

  • Automate leave lapsing, carry-forward and encashment, etc.
    With our easy-to-use leave year end process, complete the year-end processing to automatically compute leave lapses, carry-forwards, leave encashments, etc., for all employees as per your policy. Get accurate results and a smooth transition to the next leave year.
  • Choose a year end process as per convenience.
    Choose from manual or automatic methods of leave year-end processing as per your convenience.

The best payroll software with a comprehensive leave management system

All companies require an employee leave management software that’s accurate and easy-to-use. With greytHR, managing employee leave is effortless with an all-rounded HR management software.