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Hear, Recognise and Appreciate Every Employee

Foster a culture where feedback flourishes, achievements are celebrated, and every voice finds a platform. greytHR Engage embeds recognition and growth into your daily operations, turning routine interactions into opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Interactive polls, instant feedback, real recognition.

Welcome to greytHR Engage

greytHR Engage features embed recognition and growth into your daily operations, turning routine interactions into opportunities for cultural enrichment.


Choose the next office snack, vote on team outing destinations, or gather opinions on new office policies


Do project retros, organize managerial feedback. Foster growth with actionable feedback.


Celebrate and applaud high performers, announce business milestones or recognize personal achievements


Measure true employee sentiment. Float surveys on return-to-work plans, training effectiveness or policy reviews

Capture the collective intelligence of your team. Quick polls. Instant insights. Smarter decisions

  • Instant Setup: Create polls in seconds—no training required.
  • Real-Time Results: Watch votes come in live for immediate action.
  • Anonymity Option: Ensure honest feedback with named or anonymous responses.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement with structured feedback loops. Empower employees with the gift of growth

  • Seamless Feedback Requests: Ask for and give feedback on projects or performance with a few clicks.
  • Actionable Insights: Transform feedback into personalized growth plans.
  • greytHR AI Assistance: Utilize AI to guide constructive feedback formulation.

Recognize efforts, celebrate successes, and build a positive workplace culture with Kudos

  • Personalized Recognition: Send tailored messages of appreciation to uplift spirit.
  • Public Celebrations: Share achievements across the organization to inspire others.
  • Engaging and Interactive: Add reactions and comments to Kudos, making recognition a team effort.
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Float Employee Engagement Surveys, eNPS, or Custom Surveys

Introducing Surveys: A direct channel to gather employee feedback on every aspect of their work life—from job satisfaction and environment to their views on management and company policies. Surveys expand greytHR Engage's toolkit this June, enabling HR administrators to conduct in-depth analysis and engage in meaningful dialogue with employees.

Be among the first to experience how Surveys can build trust and engagement with employees. 

Drop your email to get alerted when Surveys launch.

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    Add your content and let greytAI take over. Improve clarity, tone and structure of your messages.

    greytHR Engage features now available in all greytHR plans

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