Attendance Management

Real time is the real deal

Without real time attendance management, work is challenging and full of compromises. Real time automation of attendance enables smooth operations and improves productivity.

Attendance Management System

Workforce management, no work at all

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Improveproductivity and workforce discipline
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Implementflexible, real-time attendance capture.
Transparent attendance policies
Ensuretransparency and consistency in attendance policies.
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Achieve100% statutory compliance.
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Simplifyshift management and rostering.
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Enablereal time attendance processing.

Why choose between attendance marking methods?

With greytHR, you can have them all.

Gather real-time attendance swipes from multiple devices using multiple mechanisms, across multiple locations.
Third-party attendance hardware

greytHR integrates easily with almost every attendance device available in the market today, including Matrix and ESSL among others. greytHR’s smart on-premise agent software is quick to adapt to the local environment, and push swipes to the cloud in 

Web sign-in through greytHR portal

No special hardware.
 No time-tracking devices. 
Just easy attendance marking through a web-based portal. IP based access control ensures attendance is only marked from a predefined location - eg. your office or a 
client’s office.

greytHR GeoMark

GeoMark helps define GPS-based geo-fenced locations, from which attendance can be marked. Eg. your own offices, client offices etc. Attendance marking outside the zone is barred.

greytHR GeoTag

GeoTag is a GPS based tracking technology that helps you monitor attendance and client visits of your field force. Managers can validate and approve all visits.

greytHR Selfie Attendance

This technology uses 
a combination of an employee’s GPS location and his/her selfie picture 
for attendance marking, which is especially useful
 for employees working remotely.

greytHR Visage

AI-based facial recognition kiosks let employees 
check-in and check-out. 
A touchless and safe option in a post-Covid world.

Attendance Policy and Scheme

Customisable attendance policies

Because one size doesn't fit all

Accurate time tracking demands that attendance policies provide criteria for lateness, absence and overtime. greytHR gives organisations the flexibility to customise policies based on their requirements.

  • Comprehensive policy setup
    • Create multiple shifts with rotation, attendance exception and weekend policies
    • Configure work-hour computation logic for fixed, flexi or shift timings
    • Configure attendance policies to account for absence, late-in, early-out, shortfall etc.
  • Multiple schemes for different employee categories
  • Automatic shift-rotation plans for hassle-free rostering
Attendance Details

Automatic attendance processing

While you sit back and relax

Manual tracking and enforcement of attendance policies is a nightmare. Using greytHR you can automatically track and monitor any number of policy rules across multiple employee categories without lifting a finger.
  • View real-time attendance information
  • Automatic scheduled auto download of swipes
  • Daily scheduled attendance processing
  • Automatic month-end finalisation
  • Get notifications and alerts for specific events
  • Auto shift detection
  • Integrated with leave management
ESS Attendance Information

Employee Self Service

Helping employees help themselves

Empower employees with detailed attendance and overtime information through the greytHR employee web portal or mobile app.

  • Attendance marking
    • Via web app without any attendance devices
    • IP based access control defines attendance location
    • GPS enabled geo-fencing/geo tracking/selfie attendance

  • Complete attendance information
    • Easy access to employee information

    • Enables quick feedback

    • Promotes transparency, self-regulation and discipline

    • Calendar view for easy understanding of monthly attendance

    • Employees can drill down for detailed information on any specific day

    • Manager dashboards to monitor on-time, late & absent employees

  • Attendance regularisation
    • Daily alerts to employees on attendance issues

    • Easy online attendance regularisation process

    • Automatic alerts to managers for timely regularisation approvals

Overtime Management

Comprehensive overtime management

In no time at all

It's a cumbersome task to manually track and enforce attendance policies. With greytHR, you can implement dozens of policies that vary for different categories of employees without lifting a finger.
  • Configure overtime policies
  • Generate detailed overtime payslips
  • Apply overtime in bulk or for individual employees
Attendance Permission

Attendance Permissions

Accounting for absences that are too short to account for

On occasion, employees might need short periods of time away from the office to attend to personal work. With greytHR Attendance Permissions, employers can now track and account for absences that are too short to necessitate half or full day’s leave. Thus ensuring that productivity is maintained while being empathetic to employee circumstances.

  • Customize permission policy
  • Apply for short absence
  • Apply for short absence on behalf of employees
  • Approve/reject permission requests
  • Generate detailed reports
Attendance Muster

Statutory compliance simplified

Consider it done

Take the manual labour out of managing cumbersome attendance compliance requirements. Just leave it to greytHR.
  • Muster roll management
  • Overtime register accuracy
  • Attendance register maintenance

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Chandni N
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greytHR offers a holistic HRMS solution.

The best thing is its Employee tracking system via attendance integration.


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