Performance Management System

Uncover employee potential, unleash business growth

Align individual goals to company goals. Set clear performance parameters. Track progress through a clear performance appraisal process. Provide upskilling opportunities. Reward achievements. Ensure happier employees and business success.

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Plan success
one step at a time

greytHR’s PMS software consists of a comprehensive set of performance management tools and processes that will help you measure, evaluate and improve employee performance. It provides transparency in expectations, enables objective evaluation, aids open communication and facilitates feedback and training, thus improving employee morale and output.

Effectively harness employee potential Ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction Achieve the organisation's goals efficiently

Goals and competencies

Set goals and competencies

Ensure work is cohesive and aligned

Align employee goals with the organisation's strategic objectives. Involve employees in the process. Ensure every hand is pulling in the 
same direction.

  • Customise goals or choose from a prebuilt list
 of role-based goals for managers and employees
  • Assess 4 distinct categories of competencies - Core Values, Job Specific, Behavioral and Leadership Competencies
Monitor and track performance

Monitor and track performance

Stay focussed, stay on course

Periodic performance tracking is essential to
 ensure the employee is on track to achieving his/her objectives, with the option of course correction where necessary.

  • Track activities with status updates like On track, At Risk, Closed etc.
  • Check-in logs for every progress update
  • Gamified flag alerts for achieving daily targets
Effective communication

Harness the power
 of effective communication

Keep talking
 to keep rocking

greytHR’s Performance Management software facilitates regular discussions and feedback sessions keeping both employees and managers informed of progress and goals.

  • Track regular 1-on-1 conversations
  • Frequent goal check-ins, status updates with comments for visibility
  • CFR communication across all levels throughout the cycle
  • Bidirectional CFR chats
Individual development plan

Chart employee development plans

Grow the individual to grow the team

Coaching and upskilling opportunities are critical 
to improving employee performance. It enables professional growth and development, improves performance and reflects positively on the 
employer brand.

  • Private 1:1 feedback and coaching
  • Assign IDP (Individual Development Plan) 
to employees to upskill
  • Follow-up and evaluation on the IDP progress
New check-in

Review, rate, recognise

Eliminate bias, ensure fairplay

Rule out workplace bias. Ensure a streamlined and transparent performance evaluation process. Reward top performers and provide growth opportunities. Boost employee morale and steer your organisation towards business success.

  • Automated tracking of review workflows across all levels
  • 360-degree feedback - manager, peer group, subordinate & self-appraisal
  • Recognition and appreciation of employee achievements
  • Schedule final rating disclosure
  • Review normalisation
Talent Management

Make informed decisions

It’s data to the rescue

Bring valuable data and insights to your fingertips. Make informed decisions about promotions, compensation, and other HR-related issues in a jiffy.

  • Simplified annual performance reports from
 4 quarter ratings
  • 9 box data from PMS
  • Multiple pairs of dimensions - eg Performance vs Potential, Attrition Risk vs Impact etc.

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