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E-Learning HR and Payroll courses on Udemy

An Overview
HR & Payroll Processes in India
21 Minutes
An Introduction
HR Processes in India
90 Minutes
An Introduction
Statutory Compliance for Payroll in India
90 Minutes
An Introduction
Payroll Processing in India
37 Minutes
An Introduction
Payroll Processing in UAE and Saudi Arabia
43 Minutes
An Introduction
TDS for Indian Payroll
90 Minutes

35,000+ Learners. Rated 4.5 on Udemy.


It provided very easy and interactive learning without creating tough, complex, boring content or lecture videos.

Koushik S

The delivery has a decent pace and so far provides a good base of understanding.

Hector R

greytHR Certified Professional Programme (8 hours)

This certification program is a combination of online payroll courses and instructor led courses to enable proficiency in the HR and payroll domain and greytHR application usage for working professionals.Available in
For CollegesGive your students a unique opportunity to gain practical expertise on greytHRHelp your students add highly employable skills that will in turn improve the placement rates at your institution.
15 hour course|30 hour course
Concepts of HR and Payroll Domain
Application training for hands on experience
Access to online courses on greytHR Academy LMS
Industry Ready Professional Certification

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Only academy offering courses for HR & Payroll in India
Short-term focused learning for acquiring in-demand skills for career growth
Over 25 years’ domain experience serving 20,000+ customers
Course content designed from a current and practical point of view, missing in most MBA programs
Learn HR & Payroll concepts and get practical training on the greytHR software
  • HR & Payroll Administration
  • What is HRMS?
  • What is Payroll?
  • What is Statutory Compliance?
  • Guide to Leave Management
  • Guide to Attendance Management
  • Holiday Lists 2023
  • Holiday Lists 2024
  • Gender Inclusivity Report 2024
  • Product
  • HR Software
  • Payroll Software
  • Leave Management System
  • Attendance Management System
  • Performance Management System
  • Employee Self Service
  • greytHR Service Status
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