The Factories Act,1948

The Factories Act, 1948 is a social legislation which has been enacted for occupational safety, health and welfare of workers at work places. The objective of the Act is to regulate the conditions of work in manufacturing establishments coming within the definition of the term 'factory' as used in the Act.


The Act is applicable to all the factories including State, and Central Government, to the premises wherein: -

  • 10 or more workers are employed with use of power and engaged in manufacturing activities
  • 20 or more workers are employed without the use of power and engaged in manufacturing activities
  • Less than 10 workers, if activity is notified by the State Government



Online filing of National and Festival Holidays Intimation in Puducherry

26 Apr, 2023
The Government of Puducherry has mandated the online filing of the Intimation of National and Festival Holidays in Form V by Factories under the Puducherry Industrial Establishments (National and Festival Holidays) Act, 1964.
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Online registration, renewal for factories in Puducherry

03 Jun, 2022
The Chief Inspector office of Factories & Boilers, Puducherry has published a notification stating that the services for registration and renewal of licenses for the Factories under the Factories Act hereinafter are to be availed and provided through online mode only.

Uttar Pradesh Factories terms for women workers in night shift

27 May, 2022
The UP government lays down certain conditions to the employers of the Factories in Uttar Pradesh regarding the women workers employed in night shifts.

Authorities to inspect the Units and Establishments permitted to operate in Karnataka during COVID 19

08 Jun, 2021
The permitted Units, Establishments of essential commodities, export oriented units, factories, boilers will have surprise inspections to check the standard operating procedures.

Uttarakhand extends the working hours for Essential Commodities, Pharmaceutical Factories

25 May, 2021
The Government of Uttarakhand due to COVID 19 pandemic, has extended the working hours in factories related to essential commodities and pharmaceutical manufacturers up to 12 hours in a day. This notification will be effective for a period of 60 days from the date of issue.


Paid Holiday in Himachal Pradesh for General Election

28 Oct, 2022
The Government of Himachal Pradesh has declared paid holiday on 12 November 2022 for all persons employed in any business, trade, industrial undertaking, or any other Establishments on account of the General Election.

Himachal Pradesh List of Holidays FY 2023

10 Oct, 2022
The Government of Himachal Pradesh has published the list of public holidays for the year 2023.

Grant of paid holiday on 14 Sep 2022 in Himachal Pradesh

29 Aug, 2022
Himachal Pradesh Government has declared 14 September 2022, as a public holiday for voters on account of the general election to Gram Panchayat Sainj, Development Block Theog, District Shimla.

Himachal Pradesh factories can employ women in night shifts

12 Aug, 2022
Himachal Pradesh Government permits employment of women workers in factories situated in the State of Himachal Pradesh during night shifts i.e. from 07.00 P.M. to 06.00 A.M which shall remain valid for three years subject to certain conditions.

Paid Holiday in Himachal Pradesh on 10 August 2022

01 Aug, 2022
The Himachal Pradesh Government has declared on account of Elections, 10 August 2022 as a Public Holiday and a Paid Holiday.

Paid Holiday to the Workers in Himachal Pradesh for Election

09 Feb, 2022
The Himachal Pradesh Government has notified public holiday to the workers in Factories, Industries and Commercial Establishment situated in Himachal Pradesh on the specified dates for the General Elections in the Legislative Assemblies throughout the State of Goa, Manipur, Uttrakhand, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh allows extended working hours in factories for 3 months

06 May, 2021
The factories registered under the Factories Act, are allowed to have extended working hours not more than 12 hours on any day and 72 hours in any week for three months.
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