The Karnataka Industrial Establishments (National and Festival Holidays) Act,1963

This Act provide for the grant of national and festival holidays to persons employed in industrial establishments in the State of Karnataka. The minimum number of holidays provided as per the amended Sec. 3 of the Act is 10 days in a calendar year.



This act is applicable to industrial establishments of the following category in Karnataka:

  • any shop or commercial establishment as defined in Clauses (e) and (u) of Section 2 of 1 of Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961 
  • any factory as defined in Clause (m) of section 2 of the Factories Act, 1948 (Central Act LXIII of 1948) or any place which is deemed to be a factory under Sub-section (2) of Section 85 of that Act
  • any plantation as defined in Clause (f) of Section 2 of the Plantation Labour Act, 1951 (Central Act LXIX of 1951)


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