Latest Compliance Updates For Manipur

Manipur List of Holidays - 2023

21 Dec, 2022

The Government of Manipur has released its list of holidays for the year 2023.

🏷️ Manipur Shops Act

Manipur State List of Holidays - 2023

12 Dec, 2022

The Government of Manipur has published the list of holidays for the year 2023.

🏷️ Manipur Shops Act

Manipur Professions, Trades, Callings & Employments Taxation (Amendment) Rules, 2022

11 Oct, 2022

The Government of Manipur, has amended various provisions and forms of the Manipur Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Taxation Rules, 1982, including provisions pertaining to the Certificate of Registration and Enrolment, and Deduction at Source.

🏷️ Manipur Professional Tax
Holiday lists for manipur

Public Holidays




Leave Rules For Manipur

Here is a snapshot of various leave rules as per the Manipur Shops & Establishments Act.

Annual / Privileged / Earned Leave (AL/PL/EL)30 daysAfter 12 months of continuous service
Casual Leave (CL)12 days12 Days (Full pay for every year)
Sick Leave (SL)12 days
Maximum AL/PL that can be carried forwardNA
Working hours in a dayShops: 9 // Commercial Est.: 7
Total hours in a week48
Rest Interval30 minutesRest after 3 hours of work, at least 30 min.

About Manipur

Manipur is a state in northeastern India, with the city of Imphal as its capital.It is bounded by the Indian states of Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south and Assam to the west. It also borders two regions of Myanmar, Sagaing Region to the east and Chin State to the south. The state covers an area of 22,327 square kilometres (8,621 sq mi) and has a population of almost 3 million, including the Meitei, who are the majority group in the state, the Meitei Pangals (Manipuri Muslims), Naga tribes, Kuki/Zo tribes and other communities, who speak a variety of Sino-Tibetan languages. Manipur has been at the crossroads of Asian economic and cultural exchange for more than 2,500 years.It has long connected the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia to Southeast Asia, China (or East Asia), Siberia (Russia), Micronesia and Polynesia, enabling migration of people, cultures and religions.

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