Maharashtra Code on Wages Rules, 2021

The Draft Rules of Maharashtra for the Code on Wages (“Draft Rules”) has been notified in the gazette on 03 September 2021.


The Draft Rules upon coming into force shall extend to the whole of the State of Maharashtra, and they shall come into force on the date of their final publication in the Official Gazette.

The Draft Rules upon coming into force shall repeal:

  • The Maharashtra Minimum Wages Rules, 1963
  • The Maharashtra Payment of Wages Rules, 1963


  • Form I - Nomination Form [Rule 34]
  • Form II - Application for Claims u/s 45 of the Code on Wages, 2019 [Rule 37(1)]
  • Form III – Form of Summons to be given to the Opponents to appear before the Authority when an application Under Section 45(4) is entertained [Rule 37(2)]
  • Form IV - Appeal u/s 49(1) of the Code on Wages, 2019 before the Appellate Authority [Rule 38(1)]
  • Form V - Notice for Appearance before the Appellate Authority [Rule 38(2)]
  • Form VI – Employee Register [Rule 39(1)(i)]
  • Form VII - Register of Wages, Overtime, Advances, Fine, Deduction for damage and Loss [Rule 39(1)(ii)]
  • Form VIII – Wage Slip [Rule 40]
  • Form IX – Application u/s 56(4) for Composition of Offence [Rule 42]


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