What are the upcoming trends in HR software?

By Vinod Gulvady
3 minute read ● July 20, 2020
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What are the upcoming trends in HR software?

Trends in best HR software have seen a substantial inclination towards automation in recent times.

In modern times, we agree that in business, internal processes cannot be effective without technology, especially in critical and sensitive functions such as HR.

So, here is the question - How much HR technology is necessary for an organisation?

A recent study conducted by India Briefing found that AI in HR Technology will be one of the biggest trends in India’s HR industry in 2020.

The study suggests that in 2020, AI integration will be used across employee-facing applications and software to drive productivity and engagement within the organization.

Too little technology will not help in fully mitigating the burden of managing administrative and documentation work since we strongly believe that HR is all about people engagement and bonding.

On the other hand, too much technology can create an artificial wedge between HR & employees if introduced unscientifically.

Let us now list the most important HR responsibilities or jobs to be performed before we evaluate what areas of HR might need automation, its relevance and the level of implementation.

Most important HR responsibilities

For Internal processes

  1. HR Data management
  2. Performance Management
  3. Learning & Skill development
  4. Employee wellness
  5. Attendance & leave management
  6. Data Analytics
  7. Payroll Data computation
  8. Payroll Data receipt/dissemination
  9. Employee/Manager self-service portals

For External processes

  1. Recruitment & job evaluations
  2. Bank file transfers
  3. Statutory remittance and filings
  4. Accounting file transfers
  5. Links to service/benefit providers

A pragmatic analysis of the new trend in HRMS technology would help to select the right mix to automate your processes.

On the one hand, there are traditional human supported Portals, Emails, Call centres, Q&A boxes, etc., and on the other, there are new technologies which require no human interventions like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice-enabled helpdesks, Chatbots, Mobile-enabled web pages, etc., which are strongly trending across HR arena.

Unlike in a manual process, new technologies can be customized to an individual employee’s needs.

The program can fetch an individual’s data automatically and interact directly with the employee to perform tasks that are standard.


List of common HR tasks that can be automated

For HR or Payroll departments, a whole lot of mundane but critical tasks can be automated allowing them to be able to focus on other tasks as well.

For example,

  1. Bonus, incentives, overtime, tax liability or any such assessments can be performed by employees using this technology which uses standard in-built formulas plus historical data to help in arriving at such projections.
  2. Queries posted by employees, like company policies, procedures, statutory queries or tax laws, are answered instantly.
  3. A comparison of payslips or tax sheets can be made automatically for the employee’s analysis.
  4. Validation of employee data,
  5. Resumes and job fitment,
  6. Performance assessments,
  7. Life-cycle history,
  8. Payroll results,
  9. Statutory reports,
  10. Accounting,
  11. Generation of time-bound MIS or standard reports….the list goes on.

Individual data such as claims or personal information submissions (wherever required) can be automatically populated based on habits or frequently used expense types or fields as default data, which can be overwritten for any updates.

This saves a lot of time for employees or users in updating lengthy forms, etc.

Likewise, there are no limitations to what these softwares can do.

HRIS technology trends are changing and challenging vendors to come up with next-generation solutions for employers. HRIS programs upgrade and integrate core systems and cloud-based performance. HRIS system helps IT workers fulfil overall organisational and operational needs, supports the communication between employees and management, and encourages administration and collaboration through multi-site operations.

Know how Cloud HR Software Solutions have changed the Human Resource Landscape.

As we said earlier, each organization has to carefully evaluate what is required and in what areas these latest trends in HR software systems would be implemented.

An organization must know the latest trends in Cloud-Based HR software while keeping employee sentiments and sensitivities in mind.

To stay ahead of the game, any Organization needs to leverage the latest HR technology to automate and streamline their HR operations efficiently.

greytHR is India's leading cloud-based Free HR software that can easily automate HR processes and empower employee self-service.

greytHR is backed by over 25 years of experience, and is perfect for all HR-related tasks. In addition, it comes with an integrated attendance management and leave management system that makes it the perfect all-round HR management software for any SME.

As the world moves to the cloud, more and more companies are opting for online HR software to cut costs, ensure accuracy, and provide transparency to compete in the best HR management software race.

You can sign up for a free 30 days trial and explore all the features at no cost.

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