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What is an HRIS? - Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

By greytHR
October 16, 2020


HRIS, also known as a human resource information system or human resource management system (HRMS), is an exchange of human resources and information technology through HR software, which enables HR activities and processes to happen electronically.

HRIS software contains the features needed for end-to-end Human Resources Management (HRM). It has a system for recruitment, performance management, learning & development, and more.

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What are the Benefits of an HRIS?

There are many benefits of HRIS software, and they may differ depending on the modules you choose, but here are some of the main benefits.

Get Organised

Collect data, track, update, and search in an organised manner. With HRIS, you don't have to search through filing cabinets or different versions of spreadsheets. Your data are correctly categorised.

Be Economic

Having HRIS means less operational tasks for HR, which means more time to work on strategies that improve business outcomes. The team can focus on techniques for retention, employee orientation, and human capital management.

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How Your HRIS Adds Value to Your Company?

Decrease Paperwork

Businesses spend upwards of $8 billion every single year to manage paper. HRIS decreases the HR department's contribution to the regularly increasing writing collection by enabling employees to create and store forms online.

Ensures Greater Compliance

It's not enough to sign and deposit the right paperwork. Those documents need to be completed on time, filed with the right business or departments, and be immediately accessible for government audits or other legal concerns.

Improve Oversight

Executives and business owners can save innumerable hours by relying on an HRIS for maintaining the application and interview procedure, setting and tracking training goals for new employees, and scheduling reviews.

Enhance Customer Service

Using HRIS to implement and manage a tricky onboarding and training process gives new hires all advantages to communicating with their potential.

Boost Productivity

New employees get hired to fill vacancies left by other staff. When an employee quits or gets fired, the remaining staff combines to fill the departing employee's shoes and their own till a new team member is hired and trained. 

When seeking for an HR platform, these are the most crucial HRIS features to keep in mind:

  • Master data management
  • Organisational management, such as positions and departments
  • Employee and manager self-services
  • Absence and leave management
  • Benefits administration
  • Workflows
  • Performance appraisals
  • Recruiting and applicant tracking
  • Compensation management
  • Training tracking and organisational development
  • Reporting and basic analytics

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Difference between HRIS and HRMS?

Exact definitions for HRIS and HRMS vary, but many experts believe that an HRMS offers greater features by adding talent management and human capital management (HCM) options to human resource information systems (HRIS).

An HRIS or HRMS typically helps improve HR teams work efficiently, productively, and correctly by holding secure records and automating essential processes. 

An HRMS or HRIS systems is a powerful source of insight that improves workforce planning by showing employee engagement hr trends and behaviours and measuring satisfaction and productivity with an accessible depository of data.

Both cloud HRIS and HRMS are widely used terms representing software platforms that help People and HR leaders in commercial and public organisations to take care of their workforce.

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Working with an cloud HRIS has various advantages for the organisation, HR, and the employee. At this time, maintaining the necessary information in Excel becomes cumbersome and easy procedures like approving employee holidays can be standardised. We hope this article gave you a reliable overview of what an HRIS is, its main functionalities, and the benefit of implementing such a system.

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