HR Software for Remote Teams Management - 5 Must Have Features

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By greytHR
minute read ● September 07, 2021
HR Software for Remote Teams Management

Making a drastic switch to remote working in 2020 has been an interesting journey for almost all businesses worldwide.

With working from home becoming the norm today, businesses are considering serious steps to ensure that their productivity remains intact with a hybrid working approach once things start to get back to normal.

HR’s role has never been more critical than now, considering the dynamic of workspaces and workforce routines that have evolved significantly in the last year. Remote team management might become a gargantuan and tedious task for HR without a competent assistant in the form of HR cloud software. So, what features make for a perfect HR management software? Let’s find out.

5 Integral Features of an HR Software

This new age of digital workforce management requires well-equipped free HR software that can handle a multitude of tasks. The following features are essential for one, and each covers exclusive elements for remote teams management.

1. Facial Recognition

Conventional HRMS usually come with basic biometric features that are simply not enough to maintain accurate attendance tracking and many other things the HR department would be concerned with.

Having a facial recognition feature to mark attendance is more crucial than a layman could fathom. This feature ensures a fool-proof approach towards recording attendance, while also ensuring that the security of the HRMS remains intact. This can significantly help HR in maintaining accurate records of attendance, leaves, and much more.

As an organization, you must always thrive for maintaining the security of your digital enterprise, while also not compromising on the safety of your employees. Facial recognition is a feature that can serve many other purposes. For instance, it can act as a password for employees to access their dashboards.

2. Employee Self Service (ESS)

One major problem statement that this pandemic has brought forth for HR is optimizing their task management remotely. This is precisely where this feature comes in to save the day.

ESS is a feature that can significantly reduce the HR’s time consumption of manual and mechanical tasks. These can include raising requests on the behalf of employees, inputting personal data of employees, filling in attendance sheets, and much more.

Having a holistic HRMS that eliminates these mechanical tasks, and enables the employees to execute them on their own is a necessity in the current times. This ends up saving a lot of time for HR and lets them devote it to other more productive tasks.

Another great advantage this feature provides for remote teams is that they can share their timetables across with their colleagues, and can interact/engage in tasks seamlessly.

3. Compliance Management

Every industry has workplace compliances and regulations that must be followed. For instance, labor regulations in many countries limit the working hours of the employees per day or week.

Having an HRMS that has a holistic grasp over these compliances is imperative for managing remote teams.Compliance management can regularly check and use data from the employees to generate reports for compliance purposes.

This is especially important in a remote working environment, where it is not possible to keep a literal eye on your employees and operations.

During periods of uncertainty, employee misconduct increases by as much as 33%.

This automation also comes in handy for organizations, having to generate comprehensive and detailed reports for submitting to the relevant authorities periodically. This feature also helps HR in tracking any tasks or activities that are not abiding by the legislative norms, and take care of them in real-time to avoid any repercussions.

4. Payroll Management

This is yet another feature that has become a necessity for managing remote teams in 2021. Integrating your payroll functionality with the time modules, attendance, and task completion simplifies the payroll activities across all departments.

This feature is also tightly knitted with ESS, which makes the payroll process more precise. Employees can have oversight on their payroll cycles, generate receipts on the go, and download their invoices amongst many other things this feature brings to the table.

A centralized HRMS comes with the best payroll management features, which helps companies in not only calculating the benefits and salaries of their employees but also update the numbers and metrics as their organization grows. Customizable payroll management is a blessing for HR, as it significantly reduces the churn time of calculating salaries and automates most of the tasks.

5. Analytics

Collecting valuable data, analyzing it, and generating insightful reports to develop solid strategies for employee management is a key task for HR. Analytics is a feature in HRMS that can make or break its effectiveness.

The first thing to be careful about in assessing this feature is whether it is customizable or not. For instance, different industries might require different types of dashboards for their employees to keep a track of all their data. This can also carry over to different departments in the same company requiring different metrics to track. Hence, HRMS with customizable dashboards is a necessity.

Some other functions the Analytics feature must include are prediction capabilities, access control, real-time reporting, financial analysis, and automated data gathering.

Ready to Find the Best HR Software in India?

HR has played a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of organizations and managing remote teams to ensure optimum productivity.

Tools like HR management software have become a necessary assistant for HR in today’s circumstances. Ensuring that employees are kept under proper supervision, and HR tasks can be carried out seamlessly is no easy feat. HRMS like greytHR can prove to be just that tool for your HR.

greytHR is a holistic HRM.

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