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A safe entry to workplace with Facial Recognition Attendance System

By greytHR
August 14, 2020

greytHR Visage - Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition Attendance System is the new-generation attendance tracking mechanism ideal to create a secure, COVID-Free work place.

Attendance tracking is vital to all organizations irrespective of size and industry. The management must track and record attendance accurately as it is directly connected to other HR components like Payroll, leave, etc. The attendance management system has seen a significant change over a short period. From manual registers to hi-tech smart attendance tracking mechanisms, technology has transformed the way organizations manage their employee's work timing. After geotagging and geo-fencing, Facial recognition is the new generation attendance tracking system widely accepted globally.

What is Facial Recognition Attendance System

Facial recognition is an easy and secure way of taking down attendance. It is a biometric identification method using a face-scanning mechanism. The device captures the facial impression of employees and processes the information into a secure database. The scanned images are stored and mapped into a face coordinate structure. The software can be downloaded in any device, and the face of employees can be scanned with accuracy. Once registered, the device recognizes the matched face for all future check-ins.

Benefits of Facial Recognition Attendance Mechanism:

The facial recognition attendance system is a real-time and contact-less attendance tracking software exceptionally relevant in the current pandemic situation. The workplace is not going to be the same post COVID. Though the pandemic continues to surge, businesses are trying to resume their on-premise operations to ensure business continuity. Under such circumstances, employee, health, and safety are of paramount importance. Organizations are seeking ways to provide a COVID-free workspace to employees, and a touch-less check-in is the first step towards it.

Here are a few reasons to choose a Facial Recognition attendance system:

Real-time attendance tracking – Track attendance of distributed workforce real-time with efficiency.

Error-free and accurate – The Facial Recognition attendance system delivers accurate data with minimal human intervention and can reduce discrepancies like buddy punching.

Seamless integration with the system – This Attendance system can be easily integrated with other HR components like Payroll and leave. It can quickly scale up and process vast numbers of facial IDs in organized and detailed ways within the database.

Improved safety and security – One of the primary advantages of the Facial Recognition System is the increased authenticity and safety. When facial recognition technology is installed around the company premise, it helps identify the authorized stuff and gives secured access to the registered personnel only.

Reports – With comprehensive reporting capabilities, the management can track the log-in and log-out of employees, calculate attendance-based wages, view the absent list, take necessary actions, and get employees' personal information.

Low-cost attendance management solution with High-speed facial recognition - Facial recognition attendance system is a cost-effective alternative that can be easily integrated to any smart device. It is incredibly efficient as it can detect faces in milliseconds with its hi-speed scanning functionality.

This new-age attendance mechanism is considered as a real-time attendance management solution. In this pandemic scenario, Facial Recognition is opted by companies as a competent technology to ensure workplace safety and efficiency. Companies save in investing in multiple devices and stressful manual tracking by choosing the Facial recognition attendance mechanism.

greytHR has recently launched the all-new Facial Attendance Feature called greytHR Visage. It is a secure, COVID-safe, and accurate attendance management module for businesses to ensure touchless entry to the workspace. This feature is offered free of cost for a limited period to help companies maintain safe workplaces.

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