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1 minute read ● August 14, 2020
greytHR Visage

Facial Recognition is a new generation biometric technology that can identify an individual by facial traits. It verifies personal identity by face scanning and mapping mechanism without involving any physical touch. Because of the touchless mechanism, facial Recognition is seen to be accepted by companies worldwide as a secure Post- COVID attendance management option. As anticipated, digitization and automation are a way ahead for businesses in the post-pandemic scenario. The need for a touchless entry to the workplace is inevitable.

Introducing greytHR Visage

greytHR, known for its prompt reactions to the ever-changing HR environment, has come up with “greytHR Visage” a safe and accurate attendance management mechanism. In fact, it's an innovative online attendance software. As a business, we realize the struggle to get back to normal operations while ensuring employee safety. This feature is designed to help companies create a safe workplace in the Post Pandemic Phase.

How it works

Work of greytHR Visage

A touch-less attendance system that offers

  • A comprehensive attendance solution
  • Touchless and safe attendance mechanism
  • Scalable with unlimited Face-ID capacity
  • Low-cost alternative to the biometric system
  • High accuracy that prevents proxy or buddy punching

How to install

Install greytHR Visage

Initiate Kiosk and capture photo

Kiosk and capture photo

We at greytHR believe that technology is meant to simplify and make our life easier. The simplicity of the product and the ease of using it is the core of everything that we design. And, greytHR Visage is no exception. This is undoubtedly easier and simpler than you could imagine. Create a safe workplace with greytHR Now.


Time to make your workplace safe with touchless entry.

Know about greytHR Visage, our all-new facial recognition-based attendance system.
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