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Attendance Management - Made Easy with greytHR

By greytHR
June 16, 2021


“Time is money” said Benjamin Franklin

Does attendance management seem to be an easy task? Ask your Payroll Manager and he will give you the real picture. In any organization HR and Payroll Managers spend significant amount of time in maintaining attendance records, making reports for clock-in and clock-out time, delays, overtime etc. for processing payroll.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Payroll Manager could get all this data with just one click? And what if you get the same along with your payroll software?

GreytHR, with its 25 years of industry experience, understands the need for it; and hence, we bring you India's first cloud based Attendance Management Module. We believe it will set new standards on what to expect from a modern time and attendance system.

Now manage attendance records easily with greytHR. With this automated attendance system your organization can reduce cost and eliminate the manual, repetitive and time consuming process of attendance data management. You can now track the clock-in and clock-out time of employees, easily track late coming, overtime, and working hours.

greytHR attendance management system is hardware independent and can be integrated with any timekeeping system (automated, smart card, biometric, etc.). This tool comes with a free web attendance recorder, which can be used as an alternate tool (in the absence of time record hardware), to store employee Clock-IN & Clock-Out times.

What does Attendance Management module bring for your Business??

  • Easy to set up:

    You can define the Business rules as per your policies. You can specify week offs, holidays, Shifts, Shift Patterns and employee absence management rules as applicable to your organization.
  • Centralized Data Management:

    Easily view employee attendance data including Clock-In and Clock-Out times, assigned Shift, Late Arrivals, effective working hours and Attendance Status
  • Easy to implement:

    All the policies and rules can be configured from the application. The features have been developed based on our extensive experience of automating attendance processes. Requirement for customization is minimal / not needed.
  • Employee Empowerment:

    Attendance self service empowers employees to view the attendance status 24x7 and track paydays. The system also provides opportunity to Team Leaders and HR Managers to perform a number of tasks like, regularization of absence, day to day attendance monitoring, compensatory off approvals, etc.
  • Get alerted with Reminders:

    The system also enables event based mail alerts and reminders, remind pending tasks, acceptance of requests etc. to ensure smooth delivery of HR services. Set reminders to keep your employees alerted about awaiting confirmation of comp off grant, absence, late coming regularization etc. and help take action before the payroll is processed.
  • Save reporting time:

    Provides easy to use one click MIS reports with HTML as well Excel output. Powerful report building tool, Query Builder enables user to design own reports, convert to Excel and perform analytics.
  • Save processing time and reduce paper work:

    Online data management, application of request saves the huge amount of time you spend in manual paperwork.
  • Security:

    That’s not all. It also provides role based access control according to the set of privileges acquired by a user as defined for a particular position, and the tool is flexible enough to create and manage any number of roles and users.

The Takeaway

The cost and time saving benefits of automating attendance management are indisputable. This leads to standardization of processes, better compliance and builds employee morale. With the tracking mechanism you can monitor behaviour pattern of employees in terms of late entry or early exit; which in turn, will help you address chronic lateness or absenteeism. Managers can track effective time of team members spent at work and take rightful business decisions. HR can get time off repetitive activities and focus on more strategic work.

Overall your payroll is processed easily, effectively and on time!!


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