[Update for Customers] greytHR prices are changing from October, 2018

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By Sayeed Anjum
2 minute read ● August 28, 2018
greytHR prices

After 7 years, it's time for us to revise the greytHR pricing for our Indian customers. Worry not, it's small and reasonable increase and continues to deliver huge value for money.

The reason why we are doing it now is that it's the best time to do it. Input costs have risen sharply and are reason enough to justify the price change. However, we had postponed it until the arrival of our new platform release and some major features. So, here we are with a new and improved HR platform along with new and improved pricing!


Here is a quick summary of the price change:

  • Base price (plan minimum) is NOT changed.
  • We have simplified pricing by removing the bundled employees.
  • Per employee, pricing has been revised.
  • We have unbundled Expense claims from the Super plan and introduced other add-ons.
  • Based on customer feedback, we have added a new pricing component called Per User Per Month (see below).


For the past few years, we have dedicated ourselves towards building a world-class HR solution tailored to Indian requirements. Thanks to the patronage and support of our valued customers, we are today the most popular HR software in India. More than the 6500 companies and 8.5 lakh employees benefit from greytHR each day.

As we have grown, we are proud to have built not only great software but a mature and robust organization. With a dedicated team of 290 people, our only focus is to keep improving greytHR and being there for our customers at all times.

We have been rolling out continuous improvements to the software on a daily and weekly basis. The beauty of the cloud model is that your software is routinely updated without disruptions or downtime. The big unfair advantage that we have over others is the amount of feedback and suggestions we get from our huge customer base. This big unfair advantage our customers have is that everyone benefits by being part of this vibrant community of users.

While incremental and continuous improvement is important, we have also been quietly working on the architecture of a scalable and futuristic HR platform for the coming decade. Check out our blog for more details about the new release.

However, this is just the beginning. The new release sets the stage for a continuous stream of enhancements at an ever-increasing velocity in the next few quarters.

Per User Per Month pricing

Apart from the per employee per month pricing, we have now introduced per user per month pricing. There are a few features like GeoMark+ that are used by just a fraction of the workforce. In such a situation, a per employee per month pricing would not be commensurate with the value-proposition and is a crude way of pricing the solution. With the PUPM pricing, we have a fairer approach. However, we are now billing for a much smaller set of employees, the PUPM rates cannot be compared to PEPM rates. They could easily be 4-5 times the PEPM rates and still, make perfect business sense.

Next Steps

The pricing changes will come to effect from 1st October 2018. You will see this change reflected in your first invoice on or after 31st October 2018.

We know that you would like to understand specific details about how the price change impacts you as per your current plan and head count. We have introduced a special page from within the greytHR application that gives you a complete lowdown on the price impact. Please visit the Accounts page on your greytHR application for more information.

We appreciate and thank you for being a greytHR customer. We look forward to your valuable feedback and responses to the pricing announcement. Do write to us at cs@greytip.com.

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