Announcing all new greytHR 2018: You dream, We deliver!

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By Vishnupriya
4 minute read ● August 23, 2018
Announcing all new greytHR 2018

Today we’re unveiling the most significant release of the year- our latest HR & payroll platform- greytHR 2018. It is new and improved with amazing features which will solve all your HR & payroll challenges, revitalizing your business.

greytHR 2018 has a better user experience, better performance, exciting capabilities and scalable, resilient infrastructure. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

To get started, we are rolling out a few major features and enhancements. greytHR 2018 has all the bells-and-whistles that you can expect like GPS based attendance marking, employee self onboarding, tasks and checklists, new and enhanced integrations, and more.

First off, here’s an overview that should give you an idea of what we have rolled out.

A better way to manage your Employee Onboarding process

Managing the employee onboarding process is one of the most tedious and time-consuming responsibilities of an HR professional. If it is manual and paper-based, it brings in scope for a lot of human errors and requires many follow-ups with plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. Most importantly, a new employee having a bad onboarding process can undo all your hard work.

greytHR now has a self onboarding process for your employees which makes employee onboarding; quicker, easier and completely paper-free, also increasing HR productivity.

With this process,

  • The newly joined employee feel welcome and prepared for their jobs.
  • There is accurate information collection as employees are filling up their information & can also share proofs as attachments.
  • HRs can electronically share policy documents to the newly joined for maintaining compliance.

Getting things done right the first time using Tasks and Checklists

With greytHR, you were able to streamline and automate many of the manual HR and payroll tasks and saved oodles of your time and effort. But do you wish you could also:

  • Automate the recurring HR tasks that land on your table month on month
  • Not have to remember step after step of all the HR processes you need to complete
  • Reduce human intervention as many HR Processes involve other people
  • Improve quality assurance that safeguards against bad memory, distractions & skipped steps


Understanding this concern, greytHR has come up with an exclusive feature named Tasks and Checklists - a smart way to automate your recurring HR and payroll tasks. With this automated HR and payroll checklist, there is no room for errors. Any HR and payroll process can now happen automatically and smoothly without any steps skipped.

Not just this, greytHR offers 5 pre-built checklists templates that can help you standardize many of your processes like employee onboarding, confirmation process, exit process, pre payroll process and post payroll processing. So why don’t you go ahead and start exploring them!

greytHR PayNow for direct Salary Transfers

Though payroll can be processed through greytHR, you still have to download the payment instruction file and then submit it to the bank for the salaries to be credited to your employees. What if you could do this directly from the greytHR app with a few clicks?

greytHR PayNow, a one of its kind integration between greytHR and ICICI Bank is here to bring the power of connected banking to all our users. The integration seamlessly connects the two applications to empower businesses with quick and convenient salary transfers. What’s more? It’s highly secure (high-grade encryption and 2-factor authentication) and eliminates the risk of data leaks.


The integration enables all ICICI current account holders to eliminate manual management of salary data, automates the salary data reconciliation from the greytHR app and make salary transfers from within the greytHR app, without having to log into the ICICI bank corporate internet banking account.

Geo Mark+ - GPS enabled attendance marking for the distributed workforce


Managing employees on the field has never been easy for businesses. Inability to track the whereabouts of their remote employees, monitor and collaborate with them, capturing their attendance from any location are some of the practical difficulties business face with the distributed workforce. This problem can be now addressed effectively with greytHR’s GPS enabled attendance management system - GeoMark+.

GeoMark+ offers easy attendance marking with GPS enabled smartphones that ensures attendance can be recorded anywhere using the GPS. It works seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices. The sign-in/sign-out records of the field workers are captured accurately to track any business visit. You can understand where the field workforce is spending time, manage their punctuality which ensures productivity and adherence to the schedule. With the help of Geo-swipe reports, the managers can perform due diligence and assess the performance and productivity of the field workforce. Most importantly, Geo Mark+ effortlessly integrates attendance data into payroll and leave module.

New integrations adding value to your experience

We are building our ecosystem of valuable integration for our customers. We have partnered recently with other businesses to create new powerful set functionalities that help you perform your HR and Payroll tasks effectively and efficiently. Highlighting some of the recent integrations.

  • greytHR payroll and Intuit Quickbooks SME accounting software

    greytHR has collaborated with Intuit to enable salary journal vouchers generated by its payroll software to be imported into QuickBooks with a click of a button. It is a single package offering accounting and payroll. This eliminates the need to post or import data from MS Excel manually.

  • greytHR Payroll and Matrix Time and Attendance System

    You can now seamlessly import employee time and attendance information into greytHR payroll and HR software from a Matrix time and attendance system to process payroll. It is a single package offering biometric system, time and attendance, and payroll.

  • greytHR Payroll and Zoho People

    Zoho People customers can now enjoy greytHR's advanced payroll processing capabilities. Through this integration, there is a seamless flow of a bulk of the information from Zoho People into greytHR for payroll processing. As accurate as it is, greytHR’s payroll process can be completed with a single click.

This is just the beginning. The new release sets the stage for a continuous stream of enhancements at an ever-increasing velocity in the next few quarters.

Why don't you try greytHR 2018 platform today? If you're already a greytHR customer, just contact your greytHR customer success representative to migrate.

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