Dispelling 5 Common HR Technology Myths

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By Vijay Balakrishnan
2 minute read ● September 21, 2020
HR Technology Myths

Breaking a few misconceptions about HR Technology.

Does technology scare you? It is quite natural as many are even afraid of operating a smartphone for the simple fear of doing something wrong. Perhaps the technology is too complex to comprehend.

Technology has indeed taken over many processes & activities in human lives. It has made tasks more comfortable, smarter, and efficient. In a way, business means technology, and technology means business – both compliment each other very well.

All said and done, there could, however, be some underlying apprehensions about bringing in new technology, especially in sensitive functions like HR, where human touch and bonding is anticipated. We will try and dispel some of the myths that surround the introduction of technology into HR activities.

Replaces personnel and jobs

Let us be assured of the fact that technology deals with only mundane or complex activities that require a substantial amount of time and effort, which otherwise could be used more productively. Technology does not replace personnel but replaces inefficiencies and faults in the system. For example: Scrutinising hundreds of resumes to find a couple of perfect fits for a role in the organization is a waste of time when AI technology does that for you in a few minutes and provides you with a list of probable candidates.

HR technology is expensive to implement and maintain

Like any other online services nowadays, HR technology is available as a SAAS (software as a service) offering that allows the HR team to subscribe to the desired software for a monthly fee simply. There is no requirement of costly implementation or time-consuming installations. There is no need to depend on IT support regularly as well. Subscriptions can be discontinued at any point in time if the services fall short of the expectation.

Complex to understand

It is reasonable for a layman not to understand the intricacies of technology. The concern of the unknown may lead to hesitation to subscribe to it. Some may feel that the software environment is ever-changing that by the time they learn one aspect, a few new ones would have cropped up. But if one takes a closer look, a new software generally is the evolved and simplified version that makes life easier than before.

Comfort zone syndrome

Studies have also shown that many would not want to venture out of their comfort zone. This situation could be a challenge to be able to change the mindset. We must realize that change management is inevitable in one’s career. It is akin to purchasing new equipment for the house that has the latest technology. How then, is it different in an office environment? Proper training and regular updates would dispel this reluctance.

Data security issues

This is the most common concern that any organization would have in any given situation. There is no doubt that HR data is sensitive, personal, and confidential. Multiple layers of digital security, firewalls, passwords, etc., would prevent data from being lost or stolen. There are precautionary software that can be implemented to ensure data safety, even while in transit. Many software providers who own cloud-based servers where the data is stored must pass through stringent safety audits and certifications before services are being provided. No wonder many organizations are looking for the best HR software in India.

Professional HR technology providers such as greytHR manage very intricate HRMS processes with their latest cloud-based, anytime, and anywhere software for many companies in India and abroad. Call us for a trial today!

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