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A taste of life with employee self-service

By Thushara
June 08, 2017

A taste of life with employee self-service

Are your employees struggling to access their payslips?? Or their leave information? Should they be? Especially when offering them access to this information works in favor of your organization?

What we’re getting at is this: providing employees direct access to all their HR information through an employee self-service portal can improve employee satisfaction and also bring tremendous efficiency gains. Employee self-service has become increasingly pervasive and integrated with other organizational systems. Also, its utilities have multiplied to include areas such as benefits administration.

Employee self-service defined

Employee self-service (ESS),  offers your employees quick and easy access to all their HR and/or payroll-related data through a single portal. On greytHR, this portal is interactive. It also offers a space for employee interactions across the organization through greytHR’s own social platform - Feeds. Additionally, it automates key workflows, offers a comprehensive Help Desk feature, allows employees to apply for various claims online, and more. Managers too can handle their team’s workflows end-to-end from the portal.

Your employees, empowered: Information at their fingertips

It’s a common experience - sifting through page after page of the email inbox to get one’s hands on the right payslips, or that email where a leave was confirmed. Such instances leave one utterly frustrated and irritated. Helping your employees move past these emotions is - yes, you guessed right - none other than employee self-service.

ESS offers your employees direct access to critical and oft-required information. This includes payslips, income tax statement, leave and attendance information, and more. No longer do your employees need to chase HR for any of this. Accurate, real-time as well as complete historic data is now available to your employees, allowing them to achieve better work-life balance. The result: happier, more productive employees.

Say goodbye to scattered emails, ring in one centralized platform!

Email isn’t meant to handle leave management. Email isn’t meant to handle trouble tickets. Then why employ it for these tasks and suffer the consequences - wasted time and effort, increased HR workload, and downright frustration?

Employee self-service handles these for your employees - end-to-end, without missing a beat! The ESS portal offers a centralized platform where your employees can view all their leave information and apply for leaves. Managers too can view their team’s leave information and accept/ reject leave applications easily and with knowledge of all relevant information, including the team’s historic leave data. Mail triggers for each action ensure that all relevant parties are kept informed of changes to their leave statuses, applications, etc.

Sharply reduce queries to your HR team

Is your HR team spending far more time than necessary tracking mail threads? Do they have to respond to countless queries and requests month after month? Is this causing work to pile up and resulting in delays and a disgruntled HR team as well as employees?

Employee self-service offers:

  • Direct employee access to all their HR and payroll-related information
  • The provision to apply for leaves and claims easily, and
  • The provision to submit their proof of investment and tax savings declarations

This means your HR team now has to deal with sharply reduced transactional workload. This, in turn, means their time is freed up for more business-critical/ strategic tasks.

Transparency ushers in positive fallouts

The defining characteristic of any employee self-service portal is the provision for direct employee access to their information. This makes processes more transparent and also removes HR from the role of the middleman for information handling. The information in question may involve critical payroll-related data, employees’ leave and attendance data, and also statuses of trouble tickets raised to various departments. All this information captured on the ESS portal is available to your employees’ viewing - anywhere, anytime!

Increased transparency means the trust your employees place in your organization goes up, as does the credibility your organization enjoys both internally and externally. Employees are happier. They are more empowered, motivated and also seen to take more ownership of their work lives.

Why miss out on these benefits?

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