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Employee Self Service (ESS)

Gone are the days when the employee is forced to approach HR for every concern, query or request.
With the ESS features, the employee can initiate leaves requests, expense claims, etc. at their
convenience and with no intervention. This in turn, leaves the HR free to focus on more pressing matters.

Employee Self Service Portal

Manager Self Service

Managers can now view their team members' data anytime, anywhere. HR will no longer need to constantly keep generating reports. Better information access with significantly lesser effort.

Employee Self Service Portal

On Demand Access To Employee Info

Employees can easily access information related to payouts, income tax, company policies etc. They can view their payslips, total earnings statements, PF and YTD statements. Details related to loans like installments paid, balance payable, etc. can also be viewed without having to wait for HR revert.

Employee Directory

Employees can now view a directory of team members or all employees in the organization via ESS. This includes photo, designation, email id and extension number etc. This can be defined as per the requirements.

Workflows - Move to a paperless HR Department

Employees can initiate a variety of workflows related to leave, reimbursements, expense claims, etc. at their convenience. The online workflow process ensures company policies are automatically enforced at the application stage itself and reduces turnaround time. All stakeholders are connected via system generated emails which helps in reducing transaction time and cost. Now, it's quick and simple to make HR a paperless department.

Employee Self Service Portal

Help Desk

With the Help Desk feature, employees can open a ticket for various issues or requirements that they may have. Depending on the issue category, the tickets are routed to the concerned department which could be HR, administration, IT, finance, etc. This is a boon to improve internal services standards and monitor SLAs. This eliminates the unnecessary involvement of personnel and instead, is taken care of by a smart and automated system through employee self service.

Employee Self Service Portal

IT Savings & Declaration

As individuals, we all want to save. Be it meeting life-stage goals, enjoying a vacation, or simply planning for a contingency, our savings give us the comfort to plan for a better future.

This potent feature combines the accuracy of an IT calculator with the convenience of online declaration. It’s smart enough to take into account your actual salary and improve your tax savings through optional investments. You then have the ability to do a comparative analysis of your shortlisted plans, tweak them and finally select the one that works best for you based on your savings potential.

IT Savings