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Looking for HR policies?

By Bhuvana Anand
March 03, 2020

In the rapidly growing market conditions and scenario, it is a critically essential prerequisite for every EMPLOYER to frame certain SET OF POLICIES for its employees to FOLLOW. Especially the HR Department of every employer has a pivoting role in framing various policies for the employees.

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What wonders the policies can do?

A perfect set of HR policies -

  • Can give a clear picture to the employee about the DOs and DONTs in the workplace.
  • Enable the employee to understand the rules & regulations that are existing in the workplace.
  • Clarifies the employer and employee’s corresponding duties, obligations, rights, privileges, and immunities that are available at the workplace in the course of employment.
  • Can conserve the time of employer as well as the employee invested in lengthy communications and follow-ups to know about the practices adopted in the workplace (by placing such policies in common access to employees the employer will save an enormous amount of time).
  • Helps to develop a healthy transparent relationship between the employer and employee for efficacious work management.
  • Raises the standard and quality of practices in the workplace.

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How to frame policies?

For many small and medium enterprises, the framing of policies is often a bottleneck due to which there never exists any policies accessible to the employees.

Here is support from our end to all such employers! We will provide you with a set of standard templates of various HR policies that are commonly required in the workplace.

To start with, here we go with a sample ATTENDANCE POLICY template.

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We from time to time will continuously support you with various policies such as –

  • Leave policy (Click here to know more about leave rules)
  • Leave Travel policy
  • Dress-Code policy
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace policy
  • IT policy
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • And many more…

Equip yourself by utilizing our support services.

Disclaimer: All the policy templates that will be made available here for public view and access are merely to provide general reference and guidelines. It is not based on any and all local, state laws and is not a legal document. The author or the website will not assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of any such policy.

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