Form VI - Application by employee under section 20(2)

Section 20(2): Claims

Where an employee has any claim arising out of:

  • Payment of less than the minimum rates of wages; or
  • In respect of the payment of remuneration for days of rest; or
  • For work done on such days under clause (b) or clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 13; or
  • Of wages at the overtime rate under section 14, to employees employed or paid 

The employee himself, or any legal practitioner or any official of a registered trade union authorised in writing to act on his behalf, or any Inspector, or any person acting with the permission of the Authority appointed under sub-section (1), may apply to such Authority for a direction under sub-section (3):

Provided that every such application shall be presented within six months from the date on which the minimum wages or other amount became payable:

Provided further that any application may be admitted after the said period of six months when the applicant satisfies the Authority that he had sufficient cause for not making the application within such period any specified area all claims.

MWA - FORM VI - Application by employee under section 20(2)


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