Draft of Industrial Relation (Uttar Pradesh) Rules, 2021

The Draft Rules of Uttar Pradesh for the Industrial Relations Code (“Draft Rules”) has been notified in the gazette 18 February 2021.


The Draft Rules upon coming into force shall extend to the whole of Uttar Pradesh and shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

The Rules upon coming into force will repeal:

  • The Uttar Pradesh Trade Union Regulations, 1927;
  • The Uttar Pradesh Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Rules, 1946; and
  • The Industrial Disputes (Uttar Pradesh) Rules, 1976


  • Form I – Memorandum of settlement [Rule 3]
  • Form II – Application for Registration of Trade Union & Affidavit [Rule 8]
  • Form III – Register of Trade Unions [Rule 10]
  • Form IV – Certificate of Registration of Trade Unions [Rule 11]
  • Form V – Standard Format of Affidavit for Registration of Trade Union [Rule 13]
  • Form VI – General Statement of Assets and Liabilities [Rule 14]
  • Form VII – Application for withdrawal or cancellation of Certificate of Registration [Rule 15]
  • Form VIII – Notice of Changes in the Registration details of Trade Union [Rule 18]
  • Form IX – Notice of Amalgamation of Trade Unions [Rule 23(1)]
  • Form X – Register of Amalgamation of Unions [Rule 23(3)]
  • Form XI – Annual Return [Rule 25]
  • Form XII – Form of Application for Adjudication of Trade Unions Dispute [Rule 29(a)]
  • Form XIII – Form of Register for Final Certified Copy of Standing Order [Rule 38]
  • Form XIV - Notice of change of service conditions proposed by an employer [Rule 40]
  • Form XV - Agreement for voluntary arbitration [Rule 41]
  • Form XVI – Resolution [Rule 43]
  • Form XVII – Application to Industrial Tribunal for disputes that are not settled during conciliation proceedings [Rule 46]
  • Form XVIII – Form of Notice to be given by bargaining union or unions in bargaining council [Rule 47]
  • Form XIX – Form of Notice of Lock-out to be given by an employer carrying on a public utility service [Rule 48]
  • Form XX – Form of Notice of Retrenchment to be given by an employer under clause 70(C) of the Code [Rule 49]
  • Form XXI – Form of Notice Closure to be given by an employer under 74(1) of the Code [Rule51]
  • Form XXII – Form of Application for permission to lay-off/continuation of lay-off workmen in the industrial establishments to which provisions of Chapter X of the Code
  • Form XXIII – Form of Notice for permission for retrenchment of workmen to be given by employer under 79(1)(b) of the Code [Rule 54]
  • Form XXIV – Form of Notice of permission of closure to be given by an employer under section 80(1) of the Code [Rule 56]
  • Form XXV - Notice under section 89(1) for compounding of offence [Rule 60]
  • Form XXVI – Application under section 89(1) for compounding of offence [Rule 60]
  • Form XXVII - Complaint regarding change of service conditions under Section 91 [Rule 61]
  • Form XXVIII – Representation of the Parties [Rule 62]
  • Form XXIX – Representation of the Parties [Rule 63]


  • Industrial Relation (Uttar Pradesh) Rules, 2021
  • Industrial Relation Code, 2020
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