EPF, Pension, EDLI security benefits to children of COVID victims

EPFO has requested all employers to submit/forward the list of employees of their organisation who have lost their lives due to the COVID -19 pandemic disease in prescribed format to provide the applicable social security benefits to the surviving dependants.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many employees have lost their lives. In cases where both the parents have died due to COVID infection, it becomes difficult for their young children/dependants to obtain the appropriate statutory benefits they are entitled to.

In order to provide timely support to the children who lost both the parents due to COVID 19, the EPFO has requested (through email circulation) all the employers to submit the details of their employees in a prescribed format, inform the dependants of the deceased employees about their entitled benefits and assist them in claiming it.

The employers have to submit the details as follows:

Name of the employee: PF A/c No. Or UAN No.: Age & Gender: Date of Death: Name & Contact Number of the family member to be contacted:

The copy of email content attached here below for reference.

Download Official Circular


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Transfer of Accounts under EDLI Scheme

25 Nov, 2023
The EPFO has issued a circular on transfer of accounts after the death of member for Assurance Benefit calculation under EDLI Scheme.
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Payment of EPF benefits to subscriber’s payments bank accounts

01 Nov, 2023
The EPFO has issued a circular regarding the payment of EPF benefits to subscriber’s payments bank accounts.

SOP for management and regulation of EPF exempted establishments

06 Oct, 2023
EPFO has published its SOP for management and regulation of EPF exempted establishments.

EPFO extends time for Employers to upload details regarding Pension on Higher Wages

29 Sep, 2023
The Ministry of Labour & Employment has published a press release stating that the EPFO extends three months’ time for Employers to upload wage details etc. regarding Pension on Higher Wages.

SOP for EPF Joint Declaration processing

14 Sep, 2023
EPFO has released a circular directing its personnel that the processing of joint declaration of member profile update may be taken in offline mode as well. The other instructions should be strictly adhered to as per the SOP.

Amendment to the Employees Provident Funds Scheme, 1952

01 Sep, 2023
The Ministry of Labour and Employment has notified the amendment in the Employees’ Provident Funds Scheme, 1952.

Circular on Standard Operating Procedure for Joint Declarations under EPFO

23 Aug, 2023
The EPFO has further prescribed the standard operating procedure (SOP) superseding earlier SOP guidelines, for filing joint declarations.

Standard Operating Procedure under EPFO

31 Jul, 2023
EPFO has released a circular prescribing the standard operating procedure (SOP) for inspection of establishments.

Declaration of PF Interest rate FY 22-23

24 Jun, 2023
The Ministry of Labour and Employment has approved for crediting interest at the rate of 8.15% on EPF accumulation for the financial year 2022-23 to the account of each member of the EPF Scheme.

EPF procedure to claim higher pension

14 Jun, 2023
EPFO have issued guidelines to the pensioners who are eligible to claim higher pension.

EPFO Circular on Scrutiny of Application for Joint Option

02 Jun, 2023
EPFO has issued a circular directing all Zonal offices to monitor and scrutinize all application within twenty days of the receipts.

Circular on Joint Request under the EPF Scheme, 1952

02 Jun, 2023
EPFO has issued a circular directing the existing members paying more than higher wages to submit their joint request and undertaking during the time of final settlement.

EPFO guidelines to calculate pension on higher wages

01 Jun, 2023
EPFO through its circular has issued guidelines to calculate the pension on higher wages.

EPFO circular on Joint Options calculation of dues

09 May, 2023

EPFO circular on higher pension contribution

04 May, 2023
The EPFO has released its circular (pursuant to the Central Government notification) regarding the higher pension contribution rate for Employees' and the administrative charges to be borne by the Employers.

EPFO circular on Pension Scheme enforcement under Social Security Code

04 May, 2023
The EPFO has released its circular regarding the provisions of Employees' Pension Schemes under the Code on Social Security, 2020 that comes into effect.

EPFO guidelines to apply for validation of option/joint option

03 May, 2023
In order to make the corrections in the application for validation of option/joint option, EPFO has provided a separate button under the title Delete Application in the system for enabling correction wherever required.

EPFO extends date for filing Applications regarding pension on Higher Wages

02 May, 2023
Through a press release EPFO has extended the timeline for filing applications till 26 June 2023.

EPFO Application for Validation of Application Forms & Joint Option Forms

23 Apr, 2023
EPFO has deployed an online facility for receiving the application forms and joint option forms received from employers, till 03 May 2023.

Extension for mandatory seeding of Aadhaar with UAN

18 Apr, 2023
The EPFO has extended the date for seeding of Aadhaar to 31 March 2024 for certain class of establishments and for north eastern regions.

EPFO instructions to comply Apex Court Order

20 Feb, 2023
EPFO has issued a circular with instructions to comply with the orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court judgment on the Pension scheme.

Re-examination of cases of pension on Higher Wages

25 Jan, 2023
The EPFO has released a circular to all its concerned authorities, directing re-examination of cases of pension on higher wages, of employees who had retired upto 01 September 2014 who without exercising any option under Para 11(3) of pre-amended EPS'95. This is in light of directions contained in Para 44(ix) read with Para 44(v) and (vi) of Hon'ble Supreme Court judgement dt. 04.11.2022 in the matter of Special Leave Petition (C) No. 8658-8659 of 2019.

EDLI circular for assurance benefits due

02 Jan, 2023
EPFO has released a circular directing the concerned authorities to identify the EDLI claims settled where the minimum benefit may not have been paid for the intervening period and shall immediately release the balance benefits due, if any.

EPFO instructs to implement EPS judgment

29 Dec, 2022
EPFO releases instructions for the implementation of Supreme Court judgment on the Employees' Pension Scheme.

Unified Portal for Principal Employers to check EPF Compliances

28 Dec, 2022
EPFO has released an advisory to all the principal Employers requiring them to login and regularly check the EPF compliances in respect of their contractors and their contract workers through the unified portal launched by EPFO.

Correction of Member's Profile

07 Dec, 2022
EPFO has released a circular clarifying the rules and procedures prescribed for making minor and major corrections in the Member's profile.

Supreme Court upholds Pension Amendment Scheme 2014

04 Nov, 2022
The Hon’ble Supreme Court in its recent judgment (dated 04.11.2022 in Civil Appeal No.8143-8144/2022 in the case of Employees Provident Fund Organization and Another Vs. Sunil Kumar B and others and other connected matters) upheld the amendment made in the year 2014.

Admissibility of assurance benefits payable in lieu of EDLI Scheme

18 Oct, 2022
EPFO is in receipt of certain complaints and references made to it regarding some offices rejecting the claims on various reasons and grounds that are not in alignment with the EDLI Scheme provisions. In the interest of claimants, EPFO has released a circular to all its Zonal and Regional offices advising them to settle the claims strictly in accordance with the provisions.

EPFO issues Interest Rate for Specified Funds

13 Oct, 2022
The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation has issued a resolution for interest rate at 7.1% for certain specific funds with effect from October 1st, 2022 till December 31st 2022.

Determination of Eligible Service for Settlement of Pension Claims

17 Aug, 2022
The EPFO has issued a clarification for the determination of eligible service for the settlement of pension claims related to workers of seasonal factories or establishments.

Standard Operating Procedure to settle death claims

03 Aug, 2022
EPFO has published a notification on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to settle claims in cases of death due to Industrial Accident.

Enhancement of Minimum Pension under Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS), 1995

01 Aug, 2022
The Ministry of Labour and Employment has released a press release with respect to enhancement in minimum pension of Rs.1000 per month to the pensioners under the Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS) by providing additional budgetary support.

EPFO clarifies student-trainees status

27 Jul, 2022
EPFO has provided clarification on status of student-trainees of educational/technical institute engaged in relevant industries.

EPFO to award establishment that files E-Nomination

22 Jul, 2022
The EPFO has decided to award one establishment from each region (north, south, east,west and NER) who will complete highest number of filing of e-nomination by 31 March 2023.

PF rate of interest for the year 2021-22

03 Jun, 2022
The Ministry of Labour and Employment has notified the concerned authorities to credit the interest @ 8.10% for the year 2021-22 to the members of EPF scheme.

EPFO clarification on final EPF withdrawal for International Workers

27 Apr, 2022
EPFO has notified clarification regarding the EPF final withdrawal for international workers from countries not having a Social Security Agreement with India (non-SSA countries).

EPF Compliance for contract employees

27 Apr, 2022
EPFO has circulated letter giving detailed instructions to its field officers for adopting a pro-active approach in compliance with the provisions of the EPF Scheme in respect of the contractors engaged by the principal employer.

TDS on EPF contribution exceeding specified limit

05 Apr, 2022
EPFO has notified about the calculation and deduction of taxable interest relating to PF contribution that exceeds 2.5 Lakhs.

EPFO draws action plan for Swachhata Pakhwada, 2022

23 Mar, 2022
EPFO has issued a circular for action Plan to create awareness for Staff, Establishment and Members of EPFO on the occasion of Swachhata Pakhwada, 2022.

Clarification on NEEM Trainees as the employees under PF Act

24 Feb, 2022
The EPFO and Ministry of Labour & Employment has issued a circular clarifying that the National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) trainees are employees under the Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.

PF rate of interest declaration FY 2020-21

02 Nov, 2021
The Ministry of Labour and Employment, has approved for crediting interest at the rate of 8.50% on EPF accumulation for the financial year 2020-21 to the account of each member of the EPF Scheme.

Employers have to register their Contractors on PF Portal

22 Sep, 2021
The PF Regional Office has emailed the employers on 22 Sep 2021, instructing them to immediately register all their existing contractors and sub contractors engaged for manpower, civil and other works; and to ensure that all upcoming and existing contracts awarded are mandatorily registered in the portal.

Aadhar Seeding time extended to 3 class of establishments

11 Sep, 2021
The EPFO has extended the time granted for Aadhar seeding of UAN of EPF members to 01 October 2021 and 31 December 20201 subject to certain conditions.

EPFO relieves employers for Dues deposit delay, ECR filing for May 2021

31 Aug, 2021
EPFO has directed its field offices not to presume Employers default with respect to the delay in filing of ECRs for the month of May, 2021 which are statutorily due on or before 15th June 2021 on account of non-seeding of Aadhar with the UANs and to appreciate each case in its own facts under section 14B of the PF Act.

Taxable Income on PF contributions

31 Aug, 2021
The CBDT through the Income-tax (25th Amendment) Rules, 2021 has provided the calculation of taxable interest relating to contribution in a provident fund or recognised provided fund, exceeding specified limit. This Amendment will come into force from 01 April 2022.

EPFO Notifies Employer Guidelines For Rectification Of Details For KYC Update Of Members

26 Aug, 2021
In case of employers filing incorrect details of their member employees with EPFO, such employees find it difficult to fill in their KYC online. In order to rectify the incorrect filing, EPFO has provided a detailed process to the employers that can be completed online and offline based the type and number of errors along with submission of certain supporting documents.

Filing of Pension E-nominations under Bharat Ka Amrit Mahotasav (BKAM)

23 Aug, 2021
EPFO has directed all its field officers to maximize the filing of Pension e-nominations of its members who do not have ready access to computer, or mobile facility to complete their filing.

Filing of E-nomination under Bharat Ka Amrut Mahotasav (BKAM)

30 Jul, 2021
The EPFO has circulated a letter directing all its field offices to make all efforts maximizing the number of E-nominations filed on a weekly basis. A campaign may also be launched for all EPF members to create awareness of the benefits of this online facility.

Aatmanirbhar Wage Subsidy Scheme via EPFO extended till 31 March 2022

28 Jun, 2021
The Aatmanirbhar Bharat Rozgar Yojana (ABRY) scheme launched on 01 October 2020 has been extended till 31 March 2022. The Government has launched the ABRY scheme last year to incentivise employers for creating new employment and restoration of employment loss through EPFO.

Karnataka High Court orders emergent notice to UOI and EPFO on mandatory Aadhar seeding

17 Jun, 2021
The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka being convinced on the practical difficulties faced by the employers and employees for seeding the Aadhar details with EPFO. After hearing the petitioner’s submissions, it has issued an emergent notice to the respondents – Union of India & EPFO.

Aadhar seeding deferred by 3 months and will be effective from 01 September 2021

15 Jun, 2021
The mandatory requirement of Aadhar seeding for filing ECR has been deferred by 3 months, with the effective date being 01 September 2021.

EPFO Message on mandatory Aadhar seeding of contributory members

01 Jun, 2021
Employers shall seed the Aadhar numbers of PF contributing members and verify it with UANs to file the ECR with effect from 01 June 2021.

EPFO allows its members to avail second COVID 19 advance

31 May, 2021
Under the EPF Scheme, the member employees can avail second non-refundable advance from their PF account.

Centre amends the Employees’ Deposit-Linked Insurance (Amendment) Scheme, 2021

29 Apr, 2021
The Central Government has revised the Employees’ Deposit-Linked Insurance (EDLI) Scheme to increase the monetary benefits to the claimants. On death of an employee, claimants are eligible up to 7 lakhs of assurance benefit.
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