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Social Networking

The power of social network is now available in greytHR. Employees can now get real-time company updates, appreciate colleagues, debate and discuss with them, and so on.

  • Allows employees to stay up to date with company news and events
  • Public appreciation and recognition is now easy
  • Increase social connects and bonhomie between employees
  • Encourages collaboration, discussions, and feedback
  • Improves employer branding

Yes, that's available!

greytHR Social Networking has all the features you would expect in a social network. News feeds, groups, messages, likes, image uploads, and events.

It solves the biggest challenge of any network which is enrolling members to come and participate in the network. All employees are automatically enrolled. Moreover, because employees log in to the employee portal for many reasons, engagement and participation also happens naturally.

Social HR

Kickstart participation & build momentum.

One of the biggest challenges any community manager faces is to get members to actively participate.

Till the sharing and participation habit takes root, it is extremely handy to have a regular stream of automatically generated content appear on the time-line to which employees can react by liking or commenting.

Because greytHR knows about employee events like birthdays, anniversaries, joining anniversaries, newly joined employees, etc. it automatically generates various greeting card messages and posts them to the time line. To keep it fresh, a number of designs for each type of greeting card are available that are randomly rotated.

Watch as employees engage and relationships grow — automagically!

Social HR