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Welcome to our HR Garden, a space where HR-related information is planted and nurtured. Get inside and explore everything. Also, expect something fresh and enriching whenever you visit again.
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What is HR Garden?

A place where information grows and glows

Derived from the concept of Digital Gardening, HR Garden is an evergreen knowledge base that keeps growing over a period of time. It consists of information on evergreen HR topics, from core HR to payroll and workforce management to HR tech, and more.

Ethos of HR Garden

Evolving information for essential insights

Rich in information, HR Garden consists of an ever-evolving array of themes and topics. It suffices a knowledge seeker's desire for an exploratory experience. Like the seeds in an expansive garden, multiple topics sprout and grow steadily and timelessly. Think of it as the evolution of a seed into a seedling that evolves into a flowering plant.

HR Management

This section encompasses diverse HR concepts, spanning critical areas such as talent acquisition, talent management, compensation, benefits administration, and performance management, ensuring a thorough and multifaceted perspective.

Payroll Management

This is a growing assortment of payroll concepts, including payroll management, payroll activities, payroll compliances, and salary components, among others. You’ll also learn about the various processes in payroll management.

Workforce Management

Workforce management refers to the optimal use of people and resources in an organization. In this section, you'll see information related to a wide range of topics under resource planning, discipline, and manpower cost management.

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