greytHR helps Versatiletech process payroll seamlessly as they grow

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2 minute read ● February 07, 2017
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greytHR helps Versatiletech process payroll seamlessly as they grow

Sanjay, co-founder of Versatiletech, halted his work abruptly. His mind had thrown up the question again - the one that had been bothering him repeatedly, month after month; the one he’d been pushing away, the one he intended to address later, always later: "Isn’t there a better way?"

Along with that of co-founder, Sanjay was wearing the hat of a payroll personnel as well. For a while now, month-ends at his fast-growing company had begun to frustrate him, thanks to tedious HR and payroll-related tasks.

Challenges at a growing organization

As Sanjay completed processing payroll for the month, more questions crossed his mind:

  • Why was he stuck processing payroll and payslips manually each month?
  • Should he be spending so much time and energy creating and maintaining backups?
  • Why perform redundant work that cost him several valuable productive hours each month?
  • Could he manage leave transactions and shift allowances better?

To top it off, he had some new employees joining next month, which would take his employee count to over 20. This meant he would have to deal with additional statutory compliances. The thought made his head spin: Wasn’t there a better system out there? But wait - could he afford it?

He decided to get down to finding some answers.

Evaluation of options throws up a solution

Sanjay and his team began evaluating various HR and payroll software available in India. They looked at a few free, open-source HR systems too and tried to install and evaluate them. But it just took too much time and effort. Meanwhile, Sanjay also evaluated a few other cloud payroll vendors. They also spoke with HR and information security consultants, who suggested greytHR for Versatiletech’s growing needs.

He finally decided to implement greytHR.

Benefits Versatiletech enjoys

After they implemented greytHR in 2011, Versatiletech enjoys several benefits:

  • Single-click payroll processing, which is 100% statutory compliant
  • Easy generation and distribution of payslips
  • Regular and automated data back up, 100% data security
  • Streamlined, transparent and customized leave management module
  • Employee satisfaction: The Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal provides employee access to all HR and payroll-related information at one centralized location

The easy-to-use software helped them to save time on tedious tasks, such as filing various statutory compliance reports, challans, forms, etc. The software also called for only minimal training.

The team at Versatiletech speaks about greytHR’s customer service: “It has been top-notch from the implementation stage till date. The Support Desk too has been both relevant and very prompt.”

“Since the implementation of greytHR, scalability hasn’t been an issue. Versatiletech has successfully on-boarded, processed payroll and filed statutory compliances for 80 to 160 new employees without any hitches or technical hassles,” says Sanjay.

Last, but not the least, according to Sanjay, greytHR’s price point too is a no-brainer. It literally costs less than hiring HR and payroll personnel to perform all the tasks manually.

About Versatiletech
Versatiletech is a globally-oriented web and technology services company. Since its inception in February 2009, the company's focus has been developing creatively-inclined, professional-level solutions.

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