Top 3 Best Practices for Hiring the Right Talent in 2024

By greytHR
1 minute read ● March 14, 2024
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Top 3 Best Practices for Hiring the Right Talent  in 2024

The job market has become hypercompetitive. Talent acquisition teams are turning to artificial intelligence to find the best solutions. The biggest challenge? It’s about knowing what appeals to prospective candidates!

During a Parichay webinar with three seasoned HR leaders, we got practical answers to incisive questions on an evergreen topic: Talent Management Strategies for Success at Your Workplace.

Featured below are three best practices to identify and hire top talent in today's competitive job market.

1. Create and Communicate a Purpose

The concept of talent acquisition is about attracting and retaining the right talent. However, it is crucial for hiring managers to create a specific purpose before initiating any strategy, process, or program. It is also equally important to communicate this purpose within and outside the organization. Only then will a hiring manager have the right reasons to select a candidate, and vice versa. Both need to be clear in terms of their expectations. When candidates know that they have applied to a purpose-driven company, they’ll be eager to join when the offer is
rolled out.

2. Focus on Employee Experience

In this technology-driven era, transformation is happening everywhere. People no longer look at human resources (HR) as a system. They consider it an experience. If you have to identify and hire the right talent, you must provide the right opportunities and technologies for them to perform and succeed in the organization. When employees are satisfied, it means they have the right experience. When they pursue their dreams and succeed, the organization also succeeds in the long haul.

3. Build an Employer Brand

If you want to attract, retain, and develop talent in your company, you must also look beyond processes and tools. It is important to create an employer brand and communicate its value proposition to prospective candidates. Employees are eager to know what’s in it for them before applying for a job in an organization. Also, employees who enjoy a positive experience become brand ambassadors for the organization. The result? They spread a positive message in the market, so the organization is also likely to get more boomerang employees.

Do you want to hear it directly from the experts?

  • Jitender Panihar, CHRO, Fitelo
  • Aparna Srikanth, Head HR, Sanas
  • Ashok Prabhala, Head HR & Admin, Signode India Limited

Watch the Webinar Recording

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