The evolving role of HR tech in a Post COVID world

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By greytHR
2 minute read ● October 23, 2020
HR tech in a Post COVID world

Earlier, we had heard of the virus in technology created by humans. Then humans themselves started remedies in the form of firewalls to prevent this virus from attacking the same technology. This virus is known as COVID-19, infecting humans themselves, causing them to adhere to social distancing and avoid contact with each other. A ‘firewall’ is yet to be discovered to protect all of the human race.

However, the same technology is saving us today. With the advent of wireless technology and the internet, people have been able to communicate or quickly adapt to manage their business while at the same time maintaining social distancing norms and avoiding public gatherings to a large extent. Interactive functions such as hospitality, medical care, etc. quickly managed to adjust to this new environment.

Role of HR tech in a Post COVID

Within organizations, Human Resources is naturally the most interactive function as the role itself demands it. Employees periodically need moral support or counseling to cope with business pressures or performance challenges. Given that social distancing has kept employees apart though business pressures continue, HR teams face the most daunting challenge of keeping employees motivated.

The most emerging trend is Face Time with employees. Streaming platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, or Skype help connect with employees more than ever. Technologies like AI or Chatbot keep them engaged in conversations or query resolutions. Internet helps in seamless claim submission and reimbursements. Payroll can take full advantage of technology with automated solutions for internal/external stakeholders and employees regarding the electronic transportation of inputs and outputs.

Online training methods, such as adopting MOOC platforms for mandatory and functional training, can be used and significantly exploited. Employees would be able to complete their training requirements from any location. Instructor-based online or offline activities are possible, along with progress-tracking functionality.

Performance reviews can be managed online effectively with goal setting, regular inspection of performance, detailed discussions with course corrections (if any), ratings or rankings, recommendations for promotions or training, probation management, etc.

The race is on to identify new opportunities on how closely we can get to each other in terms of communication despite social distancing norms. In these times of uncertainty, contact and transparency are critical to ensure employees are fully aware of any significant happenings within and outside the organization. HR software portals can be updated with internal news or schemes, with automated alerts being sent to all employees with each update. Service providers like insurance, medical, counselors, etc. can also be encouraged to provide regular updates for the employee’s benefit.

Reputable and experienced HR software like greytHR support many organizations in the above functions with their latest web-based cloud software for an anytime, anywhere employee experience.

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