Stepping into the Future: Our Journey to a New Brand Identity

By greytHR
3 minute read ● February 14, 2024
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Stepping into the Future: Our Journey to a New Brand Identity

Our first customer, the HR department of HUL, set us off on an epic journey. It laid the foundation for what we are today ‒ an HR Tech company with a rich legacy. Perseverance has made us one of the most trustworthy HR product companies for enterprise customers. In 2011, our cloud journey began with the launch of greytHR. Soon, it was billed as one of the top 8 SaaS apps by Nasscom.

We kept evolving. We continued to win our customers' trust and a few great awards along the way. Customers kept coming, and we’re here now: the greytHR you know, and a brand trusted by customers across India, the Middle East, and other countries.

29 years. 23,000+ customers. 2.3 million+ users. 25+ countries. 1 software suite. These are not just numbers from our success story. We see this as a testament to our vision to build world-class HR tech from India.

A defining thread of the story so far is one of ever-evolving, robustly relevant.

Built for businesses of all sizes and across multiple verticals, greytHR helps streamline HR processes, empower employees, and improve all-around productivity. The platform also has an employee self-service (ESS) portal with a mobile app for remote access. Put simply, it's an entire ecosystem with customer-centric services like training, support, community, expert sessions, resources, and more.

Inspired by New Thinking

We love to bring people together to help them do more. We believe the growth of a business is intricately tied to the growth of its people. Cementing our belief in the potential of people and technology, we set out to express what we want to be in the new world of work. This resulted in a brand new avatar for greytHR. Feedback from thousands of customers and several success stories have been the inspiration behind this rebranding initiative.

The New Identity, Unveiled!

New static logo of greytHR

The new avatar of greytHR is entrepreneurial, gutsy, and innovative. Inspired by the brand idea of Unleashing Ambition, our design system is about helping a new wave of entrepreneurs unleash their ambitions and succeed for everyone – themselves, others, and the planet. The overall graphic language is a reflection of the human potential and growth story.

Graphic device image (Growth Arc)

Our graphic device, The Growth Arc, is made up of three circles. Each of these circles rises higher on the arc than the one before. It is a mark of greatness and a symbol of the customers’ ambition to rise to their full potential. The Growth Arc is also a constant reminder and promise to the customer that greytHR will help with their continuous growth.

Colour palette

The vibrant colors mirror the energy of our organization and renewed vigor. Our primary color, purple, symbolizes passion and imagination. Green, blue, and orange, our secondary colors, balance and contrast the primary color perfectly. Together, they make the brand stand out in the category and signify its tech-savviness.

It’s the fusion of all these elements that makes greytHR entrepreneurial, gutsy, and innovative. The new makeover intends to position brand greytHR as a provider of People Solutions for Business Growth.

greytHR in ‘24 ‒ Bigger, Better, greytER!

It hit us in ‘22!

The realization that our customers saw us as a tool and not a full-grown platform. They didn’t know we were more than a Leave/Attendance software. Or that we do SO MUCH within and beyond Payroll.

Most customers were paying for the product and yet using only less than 20% of what they could achieve.

We made it our mission ‒ to become a greytER product. We resolved to:

  • Expand greytHR Product ‒ add more capabilities, solve more problems, automate more
  • Help customers become more aware of getting the most value out of their greytHR account

Cut to Feb ‘24 when we reinforce our place as the best HRMS with the most advanced HR and Payroll solutions for India and the Middle East.

Product lines added:

  • greytHR Engage
  • greytHR PMS
  • Unite Marketplace

Product velocity? Last year alone, we shipped 40+ tools and features:

  • Paperless onboarding and exit processes
  • Aadhaar authentication for ID verification
  • AI-powered chatbot for employee queries
  • New mobile experience
  • 20+ workflows to automate recurring business processes
  • Tally integration
  • GTpro for Payroll Service Providers
  • AI-powered by greytHR engagement (Polls, Feedback, Kudos, Surveys)
  • Another 30+ enhancements across core HR, payroll, leave & attendance, etc.

‘24 will be even better ‒ we plan to bring in genAI, Surveys, Integrated Travel Modules, and 360° Feedback and make greytHR the ONLY platform you need to support your people operations.

A ‘greyt’ Journey But Miles to Go

True greatness comes from helping others reach their goals. At greytHR, we believe that it’s one thing to be a champion and a whole different thing to champion someone else. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by giving them the technology and support needed to bring the best out of their people. We know we have scaled many challenges and reached many milestones. Nevertheless, we feel that our HR transformation journey is getting even more exciting.

Visit the revamped greytHR website

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