Zoho People customers can enjoy greytHR’s payroll capabilities

By Thushara
2 minute read ● October 23, 2017
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Zoho People customers can enjoy greytHR’s payroll capabilities

Hola! We’re here to announce an exciting partnership with Zoho People which will allow Zoho People customers to enjoy greytHR's advanced payroll processing capabilities.

What does greytHR Payroll Software have to offer?

greytHR’s deep domain expertise is evident in its payroll module. Made with the end user in mind, with all calculations handled on the back end and the input requirement made as simple as possible, greytHR ensures ease of use and convenience.

Integrated with all other critical HR modules, such as leave and attendance, greytHR’s payroll processing module allows payroll inputs to flow in seamlessly from these modules into the payroll system. This means no more duplication of works and lower chances of error.

1. All your compliance needs - handled without missing a beat

India’s constantly evolving legal landscape poses the need for constant updation of one’s knowledge of the latest statutory changes. This includes changes in regulations around statutory deductions such as PF, PT, ESI and IT, among others. With greytHR, enjoy 100% compliance on all fronts without once having to worry if you’re up-to-date, for the application is regularly updated on the back end with the latest statutory changes.

2. One-click payroll process with payslip generation

As accurate as it is fast, greytHR’s payroll process can be completed with a single click. Upon clicking “Process Payroll”, the application computes salaries automatically and accurately for all employees including statutory deductions, loan deductions, arrears, revisions, loss of pay, pro-rata salary, etc.

Payslip generation and distribution can be done en masse or you may download payslips individually for selected individuals. These can then be published securely and in real time for access by employees.

3. Automation brings in efficiencies

No longer struggle with applying rules and formulae to calculate loss of pay information, outstanding loans, reimbursement amount and more. Automated payroll inputs, reimbursements, loans and advances take the tedium out of payroll.

How it works

All this is made available to Zoho People customers through an integration that allows for the seamless flow of a bulk of the information from Zoho People into greytHR.

The employee master is a file containing critical employee information ranging from employee ID and name to his/her date of joining and bank account details. Upon syncing, data keyed into the Zoho People employee master flows into the greytHR system (a matter of nothing more than a few clicks!) and voila! You’re all set to take advantage of greytHR Payroll.

What it means for you

Aside from the obvious - that is, the fact that you can now leverage greytHR’s payroll functionality - for you, the customer, this integration translates into faster and more efficient onboarding into the system. Further, it brings continued benefits as any data entered post the onboarding stage also continues to flow into the greytHR system. That is, any modifications to employee information (in Zoho People) through the lifecycle gets reflected in both systems without the need for duplicate entry.

So look no further for a payroll software that’s perfect for your organization.

To explore the possibilities, contact us.

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