Managing Overtime Efficiently and Accurately with greytHR

By Sarmistha Sengupta
2 minute read ● July 14, 2020
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Managing Overtime Efficiently and Accurately with greytHR

Introducing a comprehensive Overtime Management Module to manage your Overtime Workforce efficiently and with great ease.

Overtime refers to the additional hours that stretch beyond the regular working period of an employee. It is considered an effective solution for round-the-clock workforce requirements, especially in the manufacturing, automobile, and garment industries in India. Companies often find it economical to build in an overtime workforce rather than invest in new recruitment, training, and benefits. However, managing an overtime workforce can be enormously strenuous and overwhelming. As per India's statutory laws, if an employee works for more than 48 hours a week (standard of 8-9 hours per day), the employee is entitled to receive Overtime payments, which are usually more than the standard pay. Hence, without an explicit process, it often becomes challenging to keep the expenditure in control and ensure the amount of overtime done is not misused by managers or employees.

Efficiently managing overtime while preparing for the future can help avoid unpleasant surprises, reduce unnecessary expenses, and saves the organization from legal penalties. Professionally controlled overtime management enhances the work environment and improves employee morale.

GreytHR has introduced a comprehensive Overtime Management Module as part of the Attendance Module. This module helps companies configure their overtime policies to suit their business requirement.

With this overtime module, organizations can:

  1. Configure flexible overtime policies
  2. Calculate accurate overtime workforce cost
  3. Generate Overtime payslips with OT breakups.
  4. Stay compliant - Adhere to statutory laws of respective states.
  5. Be Transparent and gain significant insights with real-time reports.

How much does it cost?

greytHR's Overtime Management Module comes at no additional cost. It is a part of our existing Attendance module to ensure that we cover it all.

Key Features of the module.

Statutory compliance:

In India, several statutes regulate overtime based on whether the establishment is a factory, mine, automobile, shop, or establishment. Further, overtime is paid differently in different industries, and the statutory rules and regulations also vary from state to state. greytHR's comprehensive Overtime Module ensures that you are compliant and saves you from unwarranted penalties.

Auto-calculate OT from attendance based on configured policies:

This overtime Module gives you the flexibility to set your overtime policy that suits your business requirement. Once the policy is configured and assigned to employees, the module will automatically calculate the wages and accurately process the Overtime payout amounts.

Assign overtime to bulk or individual employees effortlessly:

Admin can assign OT to individuals and groups of employees daily or monthly in just a few clicks.

Automated overtime reports:

Be transparent with employees and get significant insights by downloading real-time reports. Overtime reports help businesses to measure the effectiveness of attendance policies and customize them accordingly. These reports provide actual data, and references can be the basis for companies to improve policies.

Get Overtime details for better insights

Download overtime register and share across departments and Govt. Bodies

The overtime register gives you complete information about- Overtime work hours done for a selected month, Overtime hours paid, and the total number of arrears and reversals. It also shows the details of employees who have worked overtime for the chosen period.

Download the reports to share it with the management and Govt. Authorities when required.

Overtime Pay slips:

This payroll-integrated feature generates exclusive overtime payslips with Overtime breakups for employees.

Managing Overtime has always been challenging for organizations. greytHR’s Overtime Management offers you a cost-effective, time-saving, statutory-compliant, Payroll integrated feature as part of the Attendance Module. Experience complete control over your overtime expenditure with greytHR Now.

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