Is your SME in need of HR automation on the cloud?

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2 minute read ● July 03, 2017
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Is your SME in need of HR automation on the cloud?

Blindness to a problem is not equivalent to its non-existence. "[SMEs] don't think they have an issue with managing their workforce because they don't have visibility of any problems and, therefore, do nothing about it." - Neil Pickering, Director, Kronos

Is there a sort of blindness clouding your eyes, as well, when it comes to workforce management issues at your organization?

While the undetected pain points surrounding workforce management differ from company to company, HR automation has been seen to help address most of these. And cloud-based automation is among the most advanced means of automation available today. It is seen to improve employee satisfaction while simultaneously boosting organizational efficiency.

HR functions best suited for automation

Due primarily to the large proportion of transactional effort they involve, some HR functions lend themselves to automation better than others. Below is an ordered list of these functions, with the first being most suited for automation.

  1. Leave requests: Bid farewell to chaos and delays.
  2. Off-boarding: From haphazard to zero loopholes
  3. On-boarding: From long-winded to concise and effective
  4. Hiring: End-to-end automation is here
  5. Timesheet tracking: Save 15 hours/manager/month. 'Nuf said.
  6. Performance appraisal process: Ring out vague reviews, ring in data-backed validity
  7. Employee information management: No more files and cabinets, just one online location

Why HR is moving to the cloud

Below, we've listed some of the critical benefits of employing cloud-based HRMS automation. Could your organization do with some of these benefits? Could it be that these can give you an edge over your competition? We urge you to bear these questions in mind as you (hopefully) enjoy this piece we've put together for you.

  • Efficiency is a top benefit

    Real-time data enables HR teams to solve issues as they arise and do away with the delays and effort duplication using manual processes or on-premise software.

  • Anywhere, anytime access

    Web-based HR systems provide employees with the convenience of working from anywhere or access critical HR information, such as payslips and leave details, anytime.

  • Better reporting and analytics

    The up-to-date organizational information that cloud HR systems offer makes for better business intelligence for C-suite executives and decision-makers.

  • Improved employee morale

    Eliminating the middlemen between HR information and employees reduces effort and waiting time for employees. It also cuts down on the loss of data during transfer and increases convenience. The result? Happier employees.

  • Scalability and ease of use

    Powerful while simultaneously being easy to purchase, set up, and use, cloud-based HR software packs quite a punch. Not least among these is the ease of scaling that cloud-based automation brings. Twenty employees or 200, cloud automation can serve you without missing a beat and burning a hole in your pocket!

When should you move your HR to the cloud?

From our clients, we understand that the need to scale up is one of the most common triggers for moving HR to the cloud. That said, in many cases, the motivations are less clear-cut and depend on several factors, including M&A, business vision and corporate readiness, technology refreshes, and the need to overcome obsolescence.

greytHR brings you the best in data security on the cloud

If you're considering moving your HR to the cloud, why not try greytHR - HR & payroll software that's preferred by over 15,000+ customers?

greyHR ensures your data is completely secure at all times. Run-on world-class Amazon Cloud data centers and with all communication that's encrypted using high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption, greytHR offers you best-in-class data security.

What's more, enjoy all the cloud benefits, such as near-zero downtime, continued service through the product lifecycle with free and automatic upgrades and enhancements!

Why not request a demo today and see it all in action?

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