HR Tech Trends in 2021 - Part 3

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2 minute read ● February 15, 2022
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HR Tech Trends in 2021 - Part 3

What’s trending in HRMS tech currently? In one of our Parichay webinars, Dipankar Ghosh, CHRO, Bajaj Consumer Care, answered this recurrent question in HR circles. Here are some interesting takeaways that emerged from the interaction.

Multiple Tools for a Multitude of Challenges

HR tech was a latecomer in the technology space. But the last five years have witnessed the arrival of a plethora of technologies to address challenges across all aspects of HR. AI, ML, blockchain, gamification and robotics are a few of them. Organisations should pick the suitable options based on several factors like compatibility, user-friendliness and portability.

Holistic Experience for All

As interactions become more mobile, virtual and distributed, organisations need to provide a holistic experience to everybody in the system. This can be achieved by creating a ‘smart office’ or a computing environment that interlinks multiple facets, devices and stakeholders. HR tech has now become an integral part of this new ecosystem.

Technology-Enabled Microlearning

Complex training calendars and lengthy roadmaps are passé. Even a full-day online
training program can be taxing. Less wonder that microlearning or bite-sized learning has become the talk of the HR town. Who doesn’t love easy-to-access training resources!

The New Role of Internal Talent

Just making an internal job posting won’t suffice anymore. HR needs to do what it takes to help people acquire the skills required to take on new roles. When employees are recruited through an internal talent marketplace, uncertainties are minimized. Also, relocation issues don’t arise since people from the same location are readily available.

The Paradigm Shift in Learning

The pandemic had made induction programs, plant tours and GTM drills a challenge for
many organisations. But technology has tamed it gracefully with virtual learning. Here’s an example: A VR app can be used to take new recruits through these exercises without the need to visit any of the physical premises.

Balancing Humans and Technology

Let’s face it: There are troves of tools and data but the concern lies in drawing insights to make well-informed decisions. AI, ML and analytics can do it effectively. HR can use it to perform all the repetitive and scalable tasks while focusing on what matters more. The best part? HR tech has become affordable in the recent past.

Emotional Connections Through Technology

Effective employee engagement can’t be something that happens once in a blue moon! Many changes happen in a year, and it is important to address them immediately. Companies are using technology to engage better with their employees and address their needs faster. An example is a chatbot deployed to feel the pulse of the field staff without being intrusive or intimidating.

Watch the recording of the entire webinar here.

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