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HR Tech Trends in 2021 - Part 2

By greytHR
2 minute read
February 15, 2022

HR Tech trends in 2021

In one of the episodes of our Parichay webinar series, Harry CD, CHRO & EVP, Ascend Telecom Infrastructure, shared his thoughts on the HR tech trends impacting organisations everywhere.

The session was packed with nuggets of insights drawn from real-world experiences.
Here are the highlights:

HR Tech: A Full Bundle of Solutions

HR tech is not just about a set of technologies for recruitment, onboarding and outsourcing. It’s an umbrella term for various HR solutions, processes, technologies, software and allied activities.
Like the several platforms that fall under social networking, HR tech covers technologies for training, analytics, bots, AI, cloud, ML and more.

All About Employee Experience

Employee management is only a part of what HR tech is expected to do. Its accent has now been extended to the provision of delightful employee experiences. Delivered with a performance-based input given directly without any preconceived notions or unfair practices, these tech-driven experiences are intended to offer a feeling of comfort and ease.

Creating a Feeling of Oneness

In a distributed team, HR faces the challenge of creating a sense of belonging among the employees.

Can this be addressed? Yes. But the organisation needs to make them feel like one in terms of the culture, policies and processes. The creation of a knowledge/resource repository is the best way to get started, and digitization can facilitate it. Even members of a distributed team can make the most of these resources to achieve a common goal.

Cloud: The Universal Access Point

If team members have to be informed and enlightened, essential resources have to be made available to them easily and instantly. Cloud computing makes shared access possible. Whether they are part of a co-located team or a distributed team, employees can rest assured that they can get what they need, whenever they want it.

Communicate. Connect. Control (3Cs)

An organisation must make it easy for employees to communicate with people across all levels.
Zoom, Teams, and smartphones are making this possible and helping them get their queries addressed faster. When empowered by technology in a connected workplace, these employees become a centrifugal force that powers faster delivery and higher productivity.

Simulated App-Based Training

Physical training is taxing if members of distributed teams have to be trained in one physical location. Simulated app-based training addresses this challenge. Leveraging this user-friendly technology, organisations can get employees upskilled or reskilled from anywhere. Employees can use these apps to get trained at their convenience and become certified too.

HR Analytics for Decision Making

Whether it is for assessing attrition, attendance or productivity, data has been a guiding light for making well-informed decisions in HR. This data-driven decision-making results in ideas, innovations and methodologies for effectively recruiting, training and managing people. Data also provides insights to help people and organisations grow.

Be it training, budgeting, payroll management, recruitment management
or attrition management, we have data analytics providing us the
required support.

Harry CD, CHRO & EVP, Ascend Telecom Infrastructure

Digitized Employee Lifecycle Management

Everything from pre-recruitment to onboarding and exit is digitized today. No more manual forms and procedures. Technology not only enables this but also makes things comfortable for HR. Senior HR leaders can now pay more attention to governance and make a bigger contribution to the organisation since HR has evolved into a profit center.

Making Emotional Connections

Can every organization emotionally connect with employees working from home? Why not! When an employee is hired, the organisation actually hires someone who is part of a family. Therefore, it’s now become a common practice to engage and entertain these members by way of technology-enabled education sessions, entertainment programs and competitions among others.

Watch the recording of the entire webinar here.


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