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HR Tech Trends in 2021 - Part 1

By greytHR
2 minute read
February 15, 2022

HR Tech Trends 2021

Financial services, manufacturing, and supply chain were the frontrunners of technology adoption. What about human resources?

Even though HR tech was a latecomer in the technology space, the last five years have witnessed the launch of a plethora of technologies. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, gamification, blockchain and robotics are the most talked about trends in HR tech today.
But HR leaders may not be ready to take a call without getting the best answers to the
below questions.

  • Can HR tech create great experiences and foster a feeling of oneness among employees?
  • The market is inundated with affordable HR tech solutions. How can an organization decide what’s right and what’s not?
  • How can cloud computing solutions make a difference to organisations dependent on distributed teams?
  • Microlearning and virtual learning have come of age. How can they be used for employee learning and development?
  • HR tech has been a guiding light for various decisions in HR. Can it be tapped to improve productivity while creating innovations and newer methodologies?
  • Will these new tech solutions take away the human part of human resource management?
  • Will HR tech be relevant in organisations employing blue-collar workers?

In a recent webinar, two senior HR pros put their heads together to tell us more about
what’s trending in HR tech and how these innovations can impact employees, HR,
and the organization.

Meet the speakers:

  • Harry CD, CHRO & EVP, Ascend Telecom Infrastructure
  • Dipankar Ghosh, CHRO, Bajaj Consumer Care

Here are a few key takeaways from the two speaker interactions:

  • HR tech spans a range of technologies, processes and other allied activities.
  • Technology can empower organisations to help their employees feel like one.
  • Cloud provides access to essential resources from anywhere, anytime.
  • Simulated apps are being used for upskilling and reskilling employees.
  • Data is being increasingly leveraged for making informed decisions in recruitment,
    training and management.
  • A ‘smart office’ can provide a holistic/shared experience across all teams.
  • Microlearning or bite-sized learning facilitates flexible and fast learning.
  • An internal talent marketplace can minimize hiring uncertainties.
  • VR is used to conduct induction programs, plant tours and GTM drills remotely.
  • Chatbots can make better employee engagement easier and smarter.
  • HR tech has become affordable in recent years.

In Conclusion

Contrary to common belief, HR tech refers to an umbrella term used to define a bundle of
HR technologies, processes and allied activities, to name a few. Although the HR tech market has now become cluttered, organisations can choose a solution based on their budget and requirements.

Keep an eye on this space for the second part of this three-part blog series based on the webinar.

Watch the recording of the entire webinar here.


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