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How to build a best in class virtual onboarding process using HR Tech

By greytHR
October 21, 2020

in class virtual onboarding process using HR Tech

Social distancing due to the on-going pandemic comes with its challenges. People are hesitant & cautious about stepping out of their houses. The working class, especially in the manufacturing sectors and manual work-oriented jobs, have little choice but to take those risks to venture out to attend work. The only saving grace would be the service and IT sectors who can work from home if they are connected well with electronic equipment and the internet. Many large to medium-sized organisations have shut down their offices during this pandemic to safeguard their employees from contracting this deadly virus and spreading it further. 

In the midst of all this, how then is recruitment happening? What happens to the onboarding process, especially for those who are experiencing their first jobs? Again, technology has provided support to organisations to ensure their recruitment process goes on without any hindrance. Let us peep into the entire process in a nutshell. 

Submission of resumes by candidates

Long gone are when candidates had to print out their resumes and mail it to the organisations seeking to recruit candidates. New technology has enabled organisations to place advertisements in social media with the appropriate links to their HR systems for candidates to apply online. Candidates who qualify will be able to log into the website, fill up application forms, and submit soft copies of their resume along with any supporting documents.  

Screening of resumes by AI

The HR system is configured to identify critical parameters from resumes so submitted by candidates. The resumes are scanned by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for keywords such as experience, skill set, education qualification, location, etc. Accordingly, once the candidates submit the application forms, AI takes over to screen the document and pick only those that match the requirements. The rest of the resumes are rejected automatically for those roles, and the candidate is informed appropriately.

Shortlist of candidates

Those qualified resumes selected by AI will now be forwarded via a workflow to the recruiter for further review. Upon completing a further study, the recruiter will shortlist some candidates and flag them in the system for interviews or skill tests. Subsequently, the system will inform candidates of their selection.

Interview scheduler

The system can be configured to enable both the candidate and recruiter to opt for an appropriate date and time for the HR interview or skill test, based on their availability. Post the first round, and if the candidate is selected for the next round of interviews with the hiring manager, the same process can be followed. 

Internal approvals of pay structure

Finally, once candidates are selected for the appropriate positions, the recruiter and hiring manager can decide on the compensation and obtain necessary approvals from C&B teams to make an offer to the selected candidates via a workflow, depending on the grade position of the roles. 

Offer letter issuance

Upon receiving the approvals online from C&B, the system will send offer letters to the selected candidates via emails with a copy to the recruiter and the hiring manager for their information. The candidates have the option to negotiate or accept or reject the offer in the system. Assuming that the candidate has accepted the offer, the system informs the recruiter and the hiring manager. 

Appointment letter

The system will identify those candidates who have accepted the offers and then email the appointment letter, which would mention other terms and conditions of the employment, the joining date, and location. The onboarding team is notified via the online process, and they take over from here. On the date of joining, where physical joining is not possible, the entire procedure is managed online by the onboarding team.

Onboarding documents

The candidates are asked to submit other important documents online to the onboarding team, such as copies of PAN, AADHAR, Bank details, UAN numbers, etc., for further process and employee data creation. This information is passed on automatically to downstream departments such as Payroll, Timekeeping office, IT support, Admin, Finance, etc. for their further action.

Background verification

Once all critical documents are submitted, the soft copies are sent for background verification to the appropriate teams or outsourced service providers. Reports are submitted back to HR for records.

Familiarisation and buddy system

It is possible that some candidates would not have met anyone from the new organisation due to travel and pandemic restrictions. Therefore, the onboarding team must ensure the candidates feel welcomed and receive all the organisations relevant information. It might be appropriate to set up virtual meetings with the respective Managers, peers, teammates, or even a 'buddy' for their support and familiarisation. That will boost the confidence of not only the new members but of the entire team as well.

Reputable and experienced HR software like greytHR support many organization's in the above functions with their latest web-based cloud software for an anytime, anywhere employee experience.

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