How DEIB Can Help Revamp the Workplace in 2023

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2 minute read ● March 19, 2023
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How DEIB Can Help Revamp the Workplace in 2023

Is your organisation diverse and inclusive? Is your DEIB strategy working for you? Can you measure the impact of a DEIB initiative? What is the role of technology in DEIB?

There are three ways to find the best answers to these questions.

  • Research on Google
  • Ask ChatGPT
  • Talk to an expert

If you are wondering where to find the expert, we've got some glad news! We invited Rahul Kulkarni, CHRO, CTSI, to our Parichay ‒ Ask the Expert session. He fielded questions from both greytHR and the attendees. If you are curious to know what else he shared, keep reading. Get enlightened!

What is the concept of DEIB?

DEIB stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Diversity is about having a diverse workforce in an organisation. Equity signifies impartiality and equal opportunities for employees. Inclusion refers to the culture of being fair and open to all. Belonging, a new addition, is a feeling of being accepted by all.

A Deloitte study found that 80% of respondents believe that DEIB is important, but only 12% of organisations are making significant progress towards achieving DEIB goals.

Why is it critical in today's workplace?

  • True talent is limited. HR has to expand it through workforce diversity
  • HR must embrace diversity and inclusion to broaden the talent pool
  • Diversity of talent leads to inclusion and innovation
  • Inclusion and safety lead to higher commitment and productivity
  • Higher retention rates and better business growth result from a diverse workplace
  • Creating a diverse workplace fulfils the social responsibility of the organisation
  • A good DEIB strategy revamps the workplace and makes it ready for tomorrow

What are the challenges of DEIB implementation?


In today's workforce, bias is a persistent challenge that affects decisions related to recruitment, promotion and salary revision. New policies and education can help eliminate these biases. Also, people feel valued when their organisation fosters an inclusive culture and rewards those who exhibit it.

Resistance to change:

Some employees may resist change, particularly if they don't see the value in DEIB initiatives. Therefore, HR has to enlighten these employees to help them embrace the new culture.

Leadership support:

Employees may need to consider DEIB initiatives more seriously. What can HR do if they perceive it as optional? The onus to handle this issue is on HR. Hence, leadership buy-in is essential for planning and executing any program.

Talent acquisition & retention:

Many organisations need help to attract and retain people from diverse groups. Creating DEIB initiatives, promoting them and measuring retention rates can help address this challenge.


Effective communication is essential for promoting the employees' understanding and sense of belonging. But expectations can vary in language and tone. Hence, HR must communicate effectively through the appropriate channels to ensure everyone is on the same page.

How can technology make DEIB work?

In every DEIB strategy, technology plays a crucial role. It helps track the metrics and sheds light on an organisation's current position. With this information, the leadership team can make business-critical decisions.

Additionally, technology makes it possible to conduct surveys to gather instant employee feedback and implement immediate changes based on their input.

Technology-driven employee assistance programs also enable employees to seek help when in distress.

Overall, technology is an essential tool for driving DEIB efforts within organisations.

How can the impact of DEIB be measured?

  • Define the metrics for tracking D&I efforts
  • Gather data using surveys, interviews, focus groups and other means
  • Analyse the data to identify gaps
  • Use the data to set targets and make improvements
  • Monitor progress towards D&I goals on an ongoing basis

Watch the recording of the entire webinar

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