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2 minute read ● February 05, 2015
greytHR Help Desk

Half of the month is over, and you are still hunting for the slip of paper on which you noted an employee's query on TDS and loan balance on Monday. The email in which a manager queried on both a new reporter system and leaving the balance of a resigned is lost in the countless emails you receive every day. Perhaps your desk phone is ringing yet again with follow up calls from these employees or a new one on cleanliness in the cafeteria.

If such situations are part of your daily routine, we can help you! We let you come out of this maze and organize your work with the greytHR Help Desk module.

All incoming queries need to be addressed—else, they become HR issues. If there is no organized way of accepting questions and ensuring that they are closed, there is no guarantee that it will address. Typically, a significant percentage gets missed out due to the media they are raised, such as paper chits, emails, or phone calls, which causes a lot of employee dissatisfaction.

greytHR help desk module

The Help Desk module ensures tracking and feedback on closures from a central location. It lets you streamline the queries and resolve them in the form of tickets. Your employees use the greytHR employee portal to log their query/issue in the way of a ticket. You or the Category user get a notification and an organized list of all tickets. You resolve and respond online, and the employee is automatically informed of the same.

The module can be used to track and manage all categories of employee queries. They need not be restricted to issues around Payroll or HR. You can even use this as your IT Helpdesk and as a tool to streamline any employee requests—right from stationery to visiting cards or even suggestions for loans and salary advances.

Help Desk Module - one feature, multiple uses:

  • IT Help Desk: Employees can raise tickets for system requirements, Internet access, and such others.
  • Admin Help Desk: Employees can submit tickets for generic issues as cleanliness, cafeteria issues, or water dispenser.
  • HR Help Desk: For payslips, letters, requirements for cards, and such others.
  • Recruitment Requisites: The manager can request open positions within the department to the recruitment team.
  • Accounts Help Desk: Employees can raise their concerns about TDS, loans, or even the final settlement amount.

Raise HR queries, concerns, and requirements via the Help Desk without mailing or meeting them in person.

For many years, HR & Payroll software like greytHR have been in this industry to provide the right solution you are looking for in your small business —located in 150+ cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and many more. greytHR not only helps you to process accurate Payroll every month, but it also comes with in-built statutory compliance, expense management, leave, and attendance management modules.

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