Getting ready for the Gen Y while retaining the Gen X!

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By greytHR
2 minute read ● June 20, 2013
Getting ready for the Gen Y while retaining the Gen X

In our earlier blog, Ride the Wave of Employee Empowerment, we brought out why employee empowerment has become crucial in recent times. This one would add to it with the recent trends and best practices evolving for employee empowerment, especially when it comes to dealing with employees from diverse generations.

Since employees are the backbone of any organization, in order to bring sustainable growth, the HR team needs to ensure that the employee experience with the organization is fruitful and affirmative; and as we all know happy employees make happy customers.

Now, as a significant proportion of the workforces belong to Gen Y, HR’s job of creating positive employee experience has got even more critical. The workplaces are changing like never before. Today’s tech-savvy, social media freak Gen Y with a “Do It Anyway” attitude demands fast and prompt response; looks out for most relevant and up-to-date data available at their fingertips; and craves for excellence in all forms of operational processes.

Besides, it’s also necessary that your Gen X folks do not feel abandoned while coping with the needs of youth. Hence, the HR dept. must bring transparent processes which are fast, flexible, effective; yet easy to use and navigate through.

The industry is at an inflection point; as an HR you gotta pull up your socks and find ways out to tackle with this.

No doubt that a technology platform can make it all easy for you, be it information sharing, quickening response time or bringing transparency to the process. However, it’s also essential that the tool is flexible user experience and fits best for your organization requirements.

HR Forms - Standardize your business practice

This tool helps you add company specific policies and guideline documents, rulebooks, forms etc.
Any changes done can be updated immediately in one single place.This cutting edge solution ensures all your employees are aware of your company practices.

These documents can be role specific; and hence, can be made visible only to the relevant set of employees.

Document Centre - Simplified employee document management and distribution

This not only eases data management by providing you a data warehouse to stock up all employee documents such as offer letter, address proof etc. but also facilitates distribution of those documents among your employees through an intuitive employee portal.

This ensures that your people have access to their required documents on demand. Thus, making sure there’s no room for grievances related to prompt response from the HR team, unavailability of the required docs and so on.

Bulletin Board – keep your employees informed

This works like a virtual notice board. You can broadcast the announcements and news about your company. This tool also allows you to show this to a targeted set of employees. An added benefit is its ability to email these announcements to the employees.

While these features are built keeping in mind the need for fast and consistent flow of information, we have also ensured that the user interface is simple and employees do not face a steep learning curve.

A senior accountant, working with one of our clients in the Industrial Engineering sector, says it all - “Greytip Online (greytHR) brings everything readymade. I don’t have to wait for my payslip mail anymore. I can view my salary and tax data anytime. This tool is quite user friendly. Despite being a non-techie I can use the software quite easily.

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