Discover the joys of greytHR’s letter generation module

By Thushara
1 minute read ● November 02, 2017
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Discover the joys of greytHR’s letter generation module

Official letters are a staple at any organization, given our legal environment. Be it hiring season or appraisals, hard and soft copies of letters need to be rolled out regularly to employees without fail.

However, we found that companies often struggle to meet their letter generation requirements efficiently. A quick survey will make it clear to you that there is indeed a gap between how letter generation is being practiced in the market today and the ideal scenario.

Official letters and the specter of monotony

  • Do you create official letter after letter manually?
  • Have you wanted to speed up the letter generation process?
  • Do you wish there was a quicker, convenient, while equally confidential, means than email to send out these letters?

What greytHR can do for you

  • One-click letter generation: Generate all kinds of official letters (address proof, salary certificate, experience, confirmation, offer, increment, transfer, etc.) with just one click.

  • Pre-made or customizable templates: Use our letter generation wizard and comprehensive template gallery to generate letters quickly or opt for customizable letter templates based on your requirements and company policy.

  • Filters: Use a large number of filters ranging from CTC to age range to easily select the categories of employees you would like to publish or mail official letters to.

  • Centralized storage: No longer bother with the Save As button. Ensure the use of standardized letters across locations.

  • One-click publishing: Quickly mail or publish the required letter to the employee without wasting time to type out official letters or tweak them manually.

  • Bulk Mailing: You can also generate letters and send them off, all in one go, to any number of employees.

  • Password protection: Each letter that you publish or mail has a password protect option.

  • Print employee bonds on stamp paper: greytHR also offers you the provision to print employee bonds directly on stamp paper.

What all this does is banish monotony and inefficiency from your life and free up time for more strategic, business-critical tasks.

Explore greytHR’s Letters module today and bring your letter generation process up to speed with the digitized era we live in!

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