8 Technologies to Revamp the Recruitment Process

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2 minute read ● June 13, 2023
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8 Technologies to Revamp the Recruitment Process

Can employers recruit top talent in today’s fiercely competitive labour market? Can organisations avoid facing an acute shortage of the right kind of talent?

Why not?

Organisations can use innovative recruitment systems and evaluation & sourcing techniques to enhance the chances of getting top-quality talent. Post-pandemic, many of them have begun to handle more recruitments and assessments virtually. There is also increased adoption of new-age technologies that help streamline the recruitment process.

Rajiv Naithani, CVP & Chief People Officer, Infogain, accepted our invitation to answer questions on the application and benefits of technology in the recruitment space. We have combined the key takeaways from this session and the findings of our own research to shortlist eight modern technologies 🤖 used for talent acquisition.

  1. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) provide recruiters with a complete picture of the recruitment process by managing everything from sourcing to screening and shortlisting to candidate communication and more. An ATS also functions as a digital hub for all job postings, applications, candidate details and interview feedback, to name a few. When you use an ATS, you can eliminate paperwork, collaborate with peers and accelerate the talent acquisition process to recruit better candidates.
  2. Candidate relationship management (CRM) tools enable recruiters to manage candidate relationships. They can store candidate information, track every interaction, send messages and maintain a talent pipeline to meet future requirements.
  3. Data analytics tools help recruiters assess candidate eligibility, identify trends and make well-informed decisions. These tools generate and provide metrics and insights related to time-to-hire, source of hire, quality of hire and cost per hire, to name a few. This helps HR improve the talent acquisition strategy, so they are able to hire the best candidates in the shortest possible time frame.
  4. Video interviews have become essential for remote recruitment. Although the pandemic heightened the awareness and adoption of video interview tools, recruiters have realised the value they bring to the table. A video interview helps recruiters save on time and costs, connect with candidates in different locations and offer a positive experience since it is more flexible. Moreover, video recordings enable a thorough review before selection.
  5. Chatbots are being widely used to improve candidate experience right from the get-go. They help in guiding candidates, gathering candidate information, matching jobs with CVs and making recommendations. Chatbots reduce the workload of recruiters and speed up the process. As a result, recruiters get time to do other value-added tasks for their organisation.
  6. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help in predicting passive and active candidates and understanding what kind of people fit the bill during the pre-assessment stage itself. Chatbots, analytics and many automation tools are powered by AI. Enhanced efficiency, elimination of bias and improved quality of hire are some of the benefits of AI in the talent acquisition process.
  7. Social media channels are widely used by recruiters to promote their job vacancies, connect with prospective candidates and boost brand awareness. Recruiters can also launch employee-referral programs easily and effectively on social media. The channels help increase reach, connect with passive candidates, reduce hiring costs and enhance hiring speed. Employers usually combine social media and job portal postings for better impact.
  8. Gamification is about adding gamified elements to the recruitment process. The system helps improve candidate engagement, assess competencies better, get real-time feedback, ensure fair assessment and promote positive employer branding. Gamification can also make the recruitment process more enjoyable and effective for both candidates and employers.


Technology is enabling recruiters to reach a wider pool of candidates through virtual and hybrid recruitment processes. It’s also helping them engage with candidates seamlessly and consistently. If combined with the human touch, the right tools and platforms can certainly help deliver the best results in talent acquisition.

👉 Watch the recording of the entire webinar

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