5 Tips to Identify Leadership Talent in Your Organization

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2 minute read ● January 04, 2024
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5 Tips to Identify Leadership Talent in Your Organization

Effective succession planning is crucial for organizational sustainability. But it demands a comprehensive approach that helps identify and develop talent within an organization.

During a greytHR Parichay webinar, Babu Vittal, Head ‒ HR & People Practice, RTP Global, spoke about the succession planning framework, best practices, development of talent, and more. He also shared his pointers on preparing the workforce for the future.

If you have been exploring ways to identify and cultivate leadership talent within your organization, you have reached the right place.

Here are five expert tips to spot potential leaders in your organization:

1. Start with Interviews

You would have made or gathered tons of interview notes. Do you go back and refer to them after the post-interview debriefing? Probably, there was no need for it. When it comes to spotting leadership traits, these notes are a mine of information on an individual's leadership potential. You might find some signs that are probably subjective at first glance. But they'll start becoming objective when more data is added and analyzed. These insights should help you understand an existing employee better.

2. Find an Insider

Every organization has its own set of favorites. So, don't pick only those blue-eyed boys and girls for those coveted leadership positions. Look out for those who are either making decisions for the organization or helping others with their decisions. They need not necessarily be those flamboyant extroverts! Decision-making is one of the valuable traits required for leadership roles.

3. Look for Those Who Think Big

Let's say you are thinking about someone in software development. Then don't give excessive importance to product understanding. Find out whether the person understands the entire ecosystem and knows how the markets operate. If you figured that out during one of your conversations with that individual, you've probably found that hidden talent within your organization.

4. Follow the People Person

Have you come across a person who is often surrounded by a group of people at the workplace? Or someone who engages in deep conversations that make others nod in agreement. Yes, this individual is a 'talent magnet' with excellent people skills. A true leader is a people-centric person. Always keep your eyes and ears wide open to find such people.

5. Consider All-Round Performance

No doubt, consistent performance has to be recognized. Someone who has been clocking a rating above 4 out of 5 is certainly a stellar performer. But it's more important to consider people who have stepped out of their comfort zones to juggle different roles across functions. Those who have attempted to solve complex problems for the organization could also be suitable candidates for those senior positions. Flexibility and adaptability are the traits of a leader in the making.

In Conclusion

Identifying potential leaders is not math, science, or art. It's a combination of everything! Hence, you need to take a combination of objective and subjective measures for this tall task. In short, you have to adopt a holistic approach in your succession planning endeavor. Only then can you find the right person for the job and ensure a seamless transition for operational continuity.

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