5 Steps to Put the Human Back into Human Resources

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3 minute read ● September 25, 2023
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5 Steps to Put the Human Back into Human Resources

Dear HR Practitioner,

In recent years, HR has transformed into a strategic function that helps businesses
innovate, grow, and succeed. We presume that this transformation would have impacted you too. Moreover, we wouldn’t be surprised if you told us that you played a notable role in making this transformation happen in your organization.

This HR Professional Day, we thank all our customers, employees, partners, and other well-wishers for reposing their trust in greytHR. Your support and contribution have helped us become what we are today: A cloud HRMS company that’s trusted by 20,000+ businesses across 22+ countries.

We are doing whatever it takes to serve the people who trust us. You must be aware that we have built a complete HR ecosystem comprising a training academy, compliance website, resources section, webinar series, podcast series, and more. Trust us; we are always thinking of ways to do much more for you.

In this blog post, we have highlighted a few result-oriented HR strategies that can help add a humane touch to everything you do. What's more, we dedicate the same to all the HR professionals out there. This is just one of our many ways of saying "thank you."

Happy reading, and happy HR Professional Day 2023.

Team greytHR

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Listen Actively

Today’s employees prefer to work in an organization that lets them voice their concerns,
values their feedback, and considers their ideas. But it’s not easy to meet these expectations since they may not spell out everything. Therefore, HR has to engage with their employees regularly to make them feel at home. In-house surveys can also be used where required. The intent is to listen actively, express empathy, and ensure a suitable response. When this happens, employees will feel valued, trust the employer, and be more committed.

Communicate Effectively

In many organizations, the workforce is geographically distributed. Many are still continuing the work-from-home or hybrid model. Consequently, their HR teams may face difficulties in providing periodic updates and taking feedback from employees.

HR needs to update employees regarding policy rollouts, key initiatives, achievements, business growth, and more. This effort motivates employees and instills trust in them. They’ll, in turn, reciprocate by contributing more. Of course, all of this would not be possible without fostering a collaborative culture and adopting the right communication channels.

Personalize the Support

Since employees spend most of their time at work, they need the right support to stay motivated and productive. They also require a helping hand when issues crop up in their professional and personal lives. Personal problems can also impact their professional lives.

Different employee groups have different problems and expectations. Therefore, HR should understand their requirements and take the necessary steps wherever possible. This can be achieved by analyzing employee information and launching engagement initiatives based on the insights gleaned.

Ensure Employee Well-being

In today’s competitive and fast-paced work environment, employees have to be healthy and efficient to stay relevant. This situation can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction, stress, and burnout. HR can roll out holistic wellness programs to help them manage this challenge thoughtfully. Initiatives like flexible work models, employee-friendly policies, and comprehensive insurance plans can also help employees achieve their wellness goals. When they feel safe, they are more likely to be their authentic selves. The result? They’ll feel healthier and happier.

Recognize and Reward

Low morale can lead to lower productivity and higher employee turnover. Employees want to work in a place that inspires them to learn, perform, and excel. It is also human nature to seek recognition for good work.

Employers need to ensure that their managers encourage team members to do great work and recognize them for the same. This can be accomplished by creating equal opportunities for all and providing professional feedback on their work. HR can assist by working closely with the managers and team members. They can also leverage analytics and automation platforms to make these tasks easier.


Modern-day HR is not only about productivity enhancement, administrative efficiency, and technology implementation. It is more about using the right combination of people, processes, and technology to create a great place to work. In order to achieve this, HR has to listen to their employees, communicate effectively, and deliver personalized support. What's more, they need to ensure the employees' well-being and also recognize them for their accomplishments.

When an organization adopts a humane approach to all their HR activities, its employees will be eager to do more and be more at work. Leaders and HR should also spend more time with employees. This, in turn, will translate into positive results for the organization.

Want to know how you can gain more headroom to engage with your employees?

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