Form F - Register of Leave with Wages

Every employee in an establishment shall be entitled to leave with wages and shall be allowed to avail such leave for the number of days calculated at the rate of:  

  • 1 day for every 20 days of work performed by the employee in case of an adult 
  • 1 day for every 15 days of work performed by the employee in case of a young person 

A register is to be mandatorily maintained by the employer. This shall cover Earned Leave in Part I and Sick Leave in Part II. 

 Rule 8: Leave with wages register -

  1. The employer shall maintain a leave with Wages Register in Form F, Provided that where the Inspector is of the opinion that any muster-roll or the register maintained as part of the routine of the establishment or return made by the employer given in respect of any or all of the persons employed in the establishment the particulars for the enforcement of Chapter IV of the Act, he may, by order in writing direct that such muster-roll or register or return shall, to the corresponding extent, be maintained in place of and be treated as the register or return required under this rule for that establishment.
  2. The register maintained under sub-rule (1) shall be preserved for a period of three years after the last entry in it and shall be produced before the Inspector on demand.
Form F - Register of Leave with Wages


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