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Simple and efficient Document Management Software

Document Management Software

greytHR document management system has everything for you to be well organized and efficient.

Document Management Software

A document management system is a system used to track, manage and store documents, therefore reducing the need for paper. It’s capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users.

greytHR document management system has everything you need to be well organized and efficient:

  • Store various employee documents
  • Anti-virus checks during upload
  • Ensures strict confidentiality and strong security
  • Automatic backups on the cloud
  • Attain your green and paperless office goals
  • Control viewing access

Employee document management with cloud storage

With dozens of documents per employee, you end up having to manage hundreds of documents. With the greytHR document management system, you can store employee documents, letters and scanned documents in a central repository on the cloud.

  • Upload and keep track of unlimited employee document
  • Upload scans of filled forms for easy record keeping
  • Fast document retrieval
  • Option to selectively share documents & letters with employees via the employee portal
Document management software with cloud storage

Bulk document upload

Need to upload lots of employee documents in one shot? With greytHR's document management software, that's an easy task. Just upload a zip file containing all the documents, verify that the documents are assigned to the right employees (to avoid misfiling) and you're done.

Bulk document upload with document management software

Publish forms and policies

greytHR makes it convenient for you to share various forms (statutory or internal) to employees through the portal. Employees can easily download these forms, fill them up and submit with minimum HR intervention. You can also share various company policies and the Employee Handbook through the portal.

Control access to each form or policy so that only employees that have access can see or download a document.

  • Share formats of various forms to employees
  • Publish HR policies
  • Publish Employee Handbook
Forms & policies with document management system