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The year is 2009. Sanjay Sunku has just taken the plunge into entrepreneurship. He has incorporated Versatiletech - a QA and web development services firm serving a global clientele. As the founder and CEO, he soon onboards a team of five employees to help fulfill organizational requirements, which are growing steadily.

Wearing many hats

At this time, along with leading his team, achieving organizational objectives and handling business-critical tasks, Sanjay is also single-handedly processing payroll and creating payslips on MS Excel and MS Word, respectively. Each month, these two tasks take him four to six hours on an average - almost an entire day!

Growth proves to be demanding

Mid-2011 sees Versatiletech’s employee count touch 40, and at this stage, Sanjay feels he must pass on the benefits of shift allowance to his employees, as his company was working 24/7. But, for a growing company, calculating shift allowances for 40 employees each month proves to be a huge challenge.

Fast forward to 2014. The company is now 160 employees strong. The following additional challenges emerge:

  • Manual processing of payroll and payslips every month, leading to several man-hours wasted on the legacy payroll system in place.
  • Underlying risk of data corruption
  • Creation and maintenance of data backups each month
  • Adherence to additional statutory regulations called for, implying a need for domain expertise and dedicated man-hours
  • Large volumes of leave transactions and shift allowances to be handled

Evaluation throws up a solution

Sanjay begins to evaluate the HR and payroll software available in India. He looks at a few open source HR systems. He tries to install and evaluate them, which he finds takes too much time and effort. He then speaks with HR consultants, who suggest greytHR. His information security consultant also recommends greytHR for Versatiletech’s growing needs. Sanjay also evaluates and considers a few other cloud payroll vendors before finally deciding to implement greytHR in mid-2014.

Benefits that go beyond just meeting requirements

“Each feature is a benefit! There are very few products that deliver all that they promise. greytHR has been a worthwhile investment.”- Sanjay Sunku

Today, greytHR helps Versatiletech achieve its business goals in the following ways:

  • Single platform advantage: Versatiletech’s auditing firm, statutory compliance consultant and Versatiletech itself, access employee, payroll and compliance-related information on greytHR. This saves time and reduces communication issues between the three parties.
  • Automation: Time-consuming tasks, such as payroll processing and compliance reporting are made easy, thanks to greytHR’s extensive and easy-to-use features. The paperless technology also eliminates the printing and storing costs.
  • Scalability: Since the implementation of greytHR, Versatiletech has successfully on-boarded, processed payroll and filed statutory compliances for 160+ employees without any hitches.
  • Leave management: Leave management is now transparent, flexible and happens in real-time. Employees and their managers don’t need to email requests and approvals requests.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal: Versatiletech’s employees use greytHR to view and download payslips, view attendance, apply for leaves and create, compare and submit their best IT savings plans.
  • Top-notch support: The support provided by greytHR has been top-notch right from the days of implementation till date. Versatiletech finds greytHR’s Support Desk both relevant and very prompt.

About Versatiletech

Versatiletech ( is a globally-oriented web and technology services company based out of Bangalore providing solutions such as:

  • Web development
  • Offshore development and support services
  • Consulting
  • End-to-end product solutions
  • IT services
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