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greytHR trumps payroll outsourcing at Simplotel

A four-year-old SaaS-based startup, Simplotel is a hotel technology company offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to help hotels drive more bookings through all their channels – website, online and offline.

Payroll outsourcing fails Simplotel
Simplotel was handling its payroll needs by outsourcing the entire process to a third-party payroll service provider. At first, this seemed like the right thing to do as it meant one less thing for a budding company to worry about.
However, Simplotel’s quick growth from a team of 20 to 80+ employees over the last few years led to more complex payroll requirements, and, with it, new problems began to arise.

Bottlenecks faced

  • Data verification: A time-guzzler - The key bottleneck Simplotel faced was data verification. A lack of coordination and communication between Simplotel and the payroll service provider meant all employee data had to be manually registered, cross-checked at the end of each pay cycle and handed over to the third party for processing. With so many steps involved, errors remained a constant threat.
  • Frequent employee queries - Payroll accuracy is a key concern for employees. Those seeking clarification regarding their payroll, taxes, LOP, etc., was aplenty. This meant the HR department was swamped with queries constantly.

Payroll software: Evaluating options
When Simplotel realized that outsourcing was not working out, they began looking at SaaS-based solutions. Of the various options they tried, most lacked in the capabilities Simplotel required. The management also noticed that their employees were not happy using these solutions either and that the technical support offered was below par.

Enter greytHR
After evaluation of multiple tools, Simplotel found that greytHR stood out, with its reputed, user-friendly platform that came with all the features they needed and more.
The implementation of greytHR was smooth and the payroll processing was found to be highly accurate with 100% statutory compliance. In the event of a problem, the support team was always at hand and very effective. What’s more, the employees too loved using the platform, with its numerous self-service tools and ease of use.

The day-to-day results of using greytHR
After a journey of trial and error, Simplotel has now settled on and is completely content
with greytHR for all their payroll processing needs. Today, Simplotel enjoys:

  • Lesser than two hours’ payroll processing time per pay cycle
  • Completely error-free payroll processing that adheres to all compliances
  • Exceptional technical support

Simplotel now has the time and bandwidth to focus its efforts towards continuing to disrupt the hotel tech industry with their winning business model. They’re one of our many satisfied customers, who see greytHR as a boon to their business.

About Simplotel
Simplotel was founded in August 2013 and is headquartered in Bangalore. Their SaaS model has disrupted the hotel tech industry. Today, Simplotel powers over 2,000 hotels across multiple countries.

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