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Improving the profitability of sustainable services at GreenPay

Venkatesh Krishna, Founder, GreenPay, cringes when referred to as a client. His relationship with greytHR has run for far too long and been far too close to justify this. ‘Partner’ is the term he prefers.

“I have been associated with greytHR for close to 20 years now. At GreenPay, we’ve used greytHR from day one. Prior to this, during my association with PayAsia and Symphony, I have recommended greytHR as a solution for them. Even before PayAsia, we were using greytHR’s Reimbursement Module at HP.” - Venkatesh Krishna, Founder, GreenPay

GreenPay Outsourcing is a payroll and allied services provider based out of Bangalore, India. In an industry where paper-based inputs abound, GreenPay broke away from this tradition and decided to be associated with technology instead. From running a paper-free office all the way to a recruitment and client acquisition strategy that reflects this philosophy, GreenPay incorporates this sustainable line of thinking into everything. greytHR, their software partner - an HR & payroll suite that is built to reduce document-based processes through digitization and automation - is no exception. The association with greytHR meant many people could connect to GreenPay’s USP and the product behind it.

"When we head out for sales with greytHR as our technological support, there is recognition in the market and the transition becomes easier.”

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greytHR: Staying ahead through evolution
greytHR has seen several stages of evolution to which GreenPay has been a witness. To this day, Venkatesh remembers an instance that delivered a USP to his company:

“From the perspective of evolution over the past ten years, greytHR has been ahead of the market 9 out of 10 times. This becomes an important factor for anyone to choose the product.

For instance, there was a time when Form 16 was first required to be submitted with Parts A and B merged and with a digital signature. I don’t know of any other product that was ready with this requirement that year-end. greytHR, at the time, was two months ahead of the cycle. When the instance was issued, greytHR was already equipped. This proved to be a USP for me. We were compliant, thanks to Greytip, and found ourselves in a market-ready situation.”

How greytHR helps GreenPay today
greytHR helps GreenPay deliver faster and accurate results. The ease of using the product helps their top and bottom line. Employee productivity is also high, as an employee can work on multiple payrolls. This makes it easier for them to run the business in a challenging environment.

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Table 1. Time and cost benefits by activity

  • Flexibility and support: The flexibility of the product as a whole, with regard to workflow design, pre-customized reports and the option to customize reports oneself is both available and easy to use on the product. For any help that is required, the support team is good. This is not the case with many products in the market today. The added flexibility at the price at which it is offered coupled with the approachability and availability of support and upgrades in the product sets greytHR apart in the market.
  • User-friendliness: greytHR serves employees, employers and PSPs alike in a thoroughly user-friendly manner, with a well thought-through process flow from an outsourcing agency perspective and ease of use from an employee perspective.

Combining superior results with user-friendliness, greytHR continues to provide critical technological support to GreenPay’s business strategy today.

Mobile app
The mobile app that adds much to the convenience of using greytHR has been well-received by GreenPay’s clients: “Many of our clients use greytHR’s mobile app and are extremely satisfied. It is an easy payroll app to use from an information requirement perspective.”

Combining superior results with user-friendliness, greytHR continues to provide critical technological support to GreenPay’s business strategy today.